HELP! Trying To Close $100,000+ Digital Marketing Deal

by GS12
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I have a client for my Digital Marketing Agency with a personal brand who is on a $1,000/mo digital marketing package with us (He pays us that as our Management Fee)

On the current package, we manage an ad campaign to drive traffic to a sales funnel we created for 1 of his products.

After 1 month, we've delivered him huge results.

His personal brand has a total of 5 different high-ticket Products that he sells and a popular YouTube Channel.


We now want to UPSELL him into a larger $5,000-$10,000/mo package by marketing his ENTIRE brand and products.

I need your advice as we're stuck on 2 different offers to offer him as an agency:

1) ONE FUNNEL + ONE AD CAMPAIGN - Should we offer him ONE big sales funnel that promotes ALL of his 5 products (with a landing page for each product) via email marketing to his list? Along with one MAIN ad campaign sending traffic to ONE big sales funnel?


2) MULTIPLE FUNNELS + MULTIPLE AD CAMPAIGNS - Should we offer him 1 sales funnel for EACH of his 5 products + 1 seperate ad campaign for EACH product's funnel to drive traffic to them?

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  • Prepare to offer both - lay them out well, however, which one do you KNOW your agency can deliver better on?

    Seems to me that you need to know which of the two treatments your team can produce and maintain the results you have had for your client to date. I believe that your client will be well motivated to follow your real recommendations rather than just being presented two "equal" options I don't believe he will or can view as such.
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    Originally Posted by GS12 View Post

    I need your advice as we're stuck on 2 different offers to offer him as an agency:
    Seems like you're trying to force your client into a Procrustian bed. Why limit yourself (or the client) to some pre-made package when you could simply discuss your client's requirements with them?

    If you've just delivered "huge results", you're currently in a favorable position. Talk to them and come up with a long-term deal that works for both of you.
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      Frank is right. And, besides why are these 2 the only 2 choices, what does the first one offer your client that they like, what does the second? Or you think they will like?

      I am asking because I got the feeling you are looking at them only from your point of view.

      Logically, your client should choose the approach that makes them the most money on their investment while you want to deliver the one that makes you the most.

      Sometimes, logic isn't the whole thing, though, emotions and dreams get in the way. Then, there is what your client understands and does not.

      So, talk to your client.
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    Option 2 is the brill angle! This method is more comprehensive.

    I'd suggest that you put together a spreadsheet based on your current results and run future profits for all 5 products to help close him.

    Cheers mate.
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    You work with your client and you should know what he want or need. If not then take control the sales process to the package you want to do.

    By the way, to answer your question I would present both package to the client. Option closing with a higher chance closing your client.

    And the cost is 5x to 10x of what your client is paying you now. If you are confident to deliver the result that is equal to what your client going to pay for. Then offer money back guarantee if you can't deliver to your client. And the rest is sales 101, you be able to close it
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    Why not offer the client free gig for his 5 products if the result delivers; you can scoop the whole deal. If the client really believes that you can deliver; he will not hesitate to ink 100k deal.
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    We have 18 of our larger clients on 12 month contracts for our TMS (Total Marketing Solutions) package. They each pay £10,000 per month so a bit over US$120,000 monthly between them. (Plus other services outside of the marketing package)

    When we signed up the first 10 (new clients for our Agency) it was on the basis of a 3 month trial before they had to commit to the 12 month contract. This gave us time to get everything set up and producing, and gave them time to see that we could produce ongoing results.

    We are planning to add 10 new TMS clients each year but we no longer need the 3 month trial period, we now use personal testimonials and letters of recommendation from the owners or CEO's of our original 10, together with figures showing how our services have impacted their sales and profits.

    I don't know the level of your experience but one suggestion might be to wait for 3 months before you approach them with your upsell. Providing your results have been consistent over that time it will be easier for you to sell your full marketing service to them.

    Asa far as giving them the initial choice between 2 offers, that is NOT a good idea. They likely do NOT know how to market their products (If they did they would not be paying you to do marketing for them) and giving them that choice is placing a limiting factor on what you can achieve for them.

    As far as funnels and campaigns go, you should have multiple funnels and lead generation campaigns, one for each product. Then if the products are related you offer cross sells to those who are now customers of your client.

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      Biggest thing is, once you have the client upsell, upsell, upsell and then outsource!!
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  • Are the 5 different high-ticket products related in any way?

    I'm asking because the client may see you as the lead get for the first, to which they can handle the cross sale internally.

    Once you know that, the next step generally becomes clearer, and sound advice has already been given.
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    you just want to grab a lot from you client? why not think about how to create more value for you client.
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