Have you tried an SMS or texting campaign?

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So, here is how you can do it (in theory):

1. Purchase data like for example web form submits from large websites where the consumer entered their information. Sites that offer quotes for loans or for car insurance or solar installation and so on.

2. You find an SMS platform or install an SMS gateway on your site.

3. You find an affiliate offer that pays per lead, like car insurance quotes or lead generation for loans or solar installation. Make sure that the offer is optimized for mobile traffic.

4. Hit send.

Now, in theory you should have some results like almost immediately. Some quick research showed this:
If you set it up on your website, ricing for SMS starts at $0.0050/sms to send an SMS (Plivo .com) or $0.00744 for a SMS platform (clickatell .com).

The data usually costs something like 10 cents per record for fresh data and goes down with age to a few cents per record.

With data fresh is not always best by the way. A person that does some research for a mortgage for example right now, is not really in the market. The fresh leads are the most expensive but in this example a person usually shops around and a few months later he or she is ready to pull the trigger.

EPC's for such offer are usually around $1.50 for email traffic.

Based on 98% open rate for text messages (found it online, not sure whether that is still the case). So let's calculate with 80% open (and click) rate:

100 SMS sent, 80 opens. That's $120 in the box. (80 x $1.50).

$10 for data and let's sat 1 cent for sending. $11 total.

Looks promising. As I said in theory.

Anyhow, I was wondering whether somebody has already done some testing in this area.
Which offers work best?
Is a platform better or setting it up on my site?
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