Drop in Web Inquiries while no drop in Web Traffic. What could be the reason?

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Hello Guys,

I want to ask those who have ever encountered or may be aware of such a situation.

We are operating since 1998 and our decent size of business comes from web inquiries (request for quotation forms and contact us forms) due to good ranking in google pages. But recently we are facing a big drop in web inquiries and this is to the tune of a 90% drop in some months. Strange thing is that our website traffic has not dropped (only 10-20% drop in some months but recovered in other months). Please note, We haven't updated our site in this period.

Website visitors are coming to contact us and quotation forms but not sure why there are no inquiries at all. For reference, I am adding 1-month traffic small snapshot which shows a comparison to the same month last year but last year same month we received more than 15 inquiries, this year only 1. We have an SEO expert inhouse but he too is not able to find any reason for this phenomenal change because nor our business changed nor our traffic. Also note, it's not an HTTP to HTTPS conversion issue because that went smoothly and as I said our traffic didn't drop phenomenally like the inquiries.

Can anyone of you geniuses knows or discover what could be the issue?

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  • Has anyone looked into changes that are external? Changes in the niche, market wants, demographics, competition, changing technology, new products, etc., can cause what you're seeing.

    At least since you're ranking is good, you're still getting traffic - just may be the fish see something more "shiney" around the pond.
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      Besides what ProfessorRosado said:
      You had a large increase in one area - 175% - that keeps your hit numbers high, but where is this new traffic coming from? Might not be buyers, might not be humans.

      Also, where are your buyers from? If from China, the 20+% drop there might explain it.

      You need to look closer at things, what you have in that image is mot enough to say anything about why you have fewer buyers.

      Are the referring sources the same?
      Are you ranking high for the same keywords?

      Example: you are ranking for 100 keywords and you get 1000 visitors altogether, of which 25 buy. If 20 of your buyers come from keywords 1 and 2, going down 3 positions in Google on keywords 1 and 2 will cost you most of your buyers but not a big chunk of traffic.
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