Where do i look for Joint Venture Giveaways to build my list?

by squeezecpa 6 replies
Can anyone enlighten me. I have heard of this, but a little unsure as to where i should be looking.

I am looking to build my list and have heard JV Giveaways are a great option, unless you can recommend be some other way.

Advice welcome. Thanks.
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    There are some groups in FACEBOOK that are focused on giveaways and they list all the giveaways that are happening every week.

    Go check it out.

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      Just sent you my report through PM, explaining this in detail.

      Also before you participate, you might want to come up with your own product that you can giveaway.

      First time I did this, I paid $50 to a Romanian graphic designer elancer and he was able to make set of 50 graphics for me.

      I packaged it with this help and put together a nice eCover for this and gave away as a legitimate original product built from scratch.

      Maybe a little bit of tip...

      1. In the beginning, it might be difficult to come up with high quality report to giveaway, so going with the graphic route, you can't go wrong because it's easy for people to see value in your offer.

      2. Then be generous about the rights, just giveaway PLR rights to your stuff and people will be opting in for your stuff and you'll have 50 opt-ins in your first day.

      3. You can sell more stuff for OTO if you want, use the profit and go create more stuff JUST for giveaways, repeat this a few times a year and add subscribers to your list, each giveaway yielding a few hundred subscribers.

      4. Many people are opting-in for so many lists throughout a giveaway event, so have solid pre-installments ready for your auto responder before you participate, giving solid content and giveaway MORE stuff during the first few initial installments until people get used to opening your emails from you. Hopefully, this prevents "grab and go!" unsubscribers leaving your list immediately after the first week.

      Good luck! I think Ernie L is coming up with some killer idea about Giveaways soon... so keep it on eye on him.
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    Here's where to find MOST of them. (No affiliation)

    Joint Venture (JV) Lists, Announcements, Blogs, And Community Forums.

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    Be aware, there's a HUGE mountain of JV information to wade through, but at least it's all right there in one place!

    As Takuya said, you'll want to provide your own materials rather than plr stuff, etc.

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