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Hi Warriors,

I'm new to posting here but have been lurking for some time. Lots to learn and this is a great place. I have created a new site and set up a Google adwords campaign. The site is showing fine but the ads are not running. The site is - PLR software, PLR packages, Private Label Rights Packages, Make Money From Home

Does anyone know how long a site has to be online before Google will show ads for it? I didn't think it was a factor, but something is holding my ads up.

Thank you!

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    Are you talking about Adwords on the serps not showing up?

    Perhaps your bids are too low to have your ads show. If that is the case, go back and edit the bid amount to make them show higher up for the keywords you've chosen. You can bump the bid up temporarily and then bring it back down once you've seen your ads, if your just testing.

    Also, if you are planning on using Adwords to drive traffic you may want to get a copy of Perry Marshalls' "The Definitive Guide To Adwords".

    Adwords is NO place to learn by trial and error.

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      Thanks. I'll take a look at my bids and the book. I set the bid so it should rank in the top 4.

      I'll go check now.

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        Adwords can be weird at times. I have had new campaigns start getting impressions in just a few minutes and other new campaigns sit there for 2 days without an impression. All of a sudden they decide to start showing them. They hand check some ads and niches maybe.
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