How should a normal Affiliate Market website be structured?

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Alright let's say I'm selling supplements of all different kinds.

It isn't just a website where I'm selling one product, so that if someone comes to my website I only need them to come to my home page to check out (and potentially buy) whatever the product is.

If I'm selling all different kinds of products, I need a separate page per product but then...

...What should the home page look like?

And are people going to find it more difficult to find the product they're interested in this way?

Any thoughts / tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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    In the old golden era, they showcased the products by cramming the page with slick flashy banners + some content (and maybe use a rotator to show ads that were clicked more - genius?).

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Is there another way of doing this? Like is it okay to create a separate page for each product? I'm not sure how it would work when it comes to SEO or people going from my home page to the separate pages...
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    I will put the best selling products on the home page. It would help to increase sales and give viewers a chance to see other products.
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    Its great thing you have a website. If you have multiple products and you want to sell it with the help of a website so SEO is the best way for your business. You have to use your product name as keywords and start creating backlinks and you have develop a product page and show your best product and offers on the home page
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    So I have a problem here...A question about the whole "below the fold" thing...

    In order for me to write thorough and genuine reviews for products, I need to write a rather long review (Correct me on this if I'm wrong?) listing pros and cons, product attributes, etc.

    But then by the time I get down to the "And if you want to buy <whatever> click here!" I'm waaaay below the fold. much does this even matter with affiliate marketing and if it matters a lot, what are ways around it without pissing your potential customers off by constantly posting (buy now, buy now) all over the page?
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    I would say the term, "Normal" needs to be defined. I am going to bet "Normal" for you and "Normal" for me are 2 different things.

    That aside, in theory How the home page is formatted in a suggest content style like you are proposing really doesn't matter... its NOT a store its a collection of articles. so "Normal" for a collection of articles would be to display your most recent posts on the home page.

    The traffic is going to be going to the individual articles from the search engines anyways. "Hey I want the best Vitamin B complex Tablet" and your matching article will appear, they will read it and then hopefully buy something.

    The secret as I see if for your type of content would be to create top 5 best <insert vitamin here> 5th on top, and 1st way below the fold with a buy now link. Its simply human nature to see what #1 is
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Why not take a look at what successful websites are doing? Take a look at amazon, eBay, etc
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      Why not take a look at what successful websites are doing? Take a look at amazon, eBay, etc
      This is kinda the point I am making... he is / has created a site based on content marketing, and the powers that be have created commerce sites. A plugin such as WP All Imports makes a big boy set-up possible. Again it becomes a matter of defining "Normal" I would / do side with the model that works the best and that's a Product ecommerce based structure. I sell products and use content to draw traffic.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Study tother, and test.

    The only way you're going to get meaningful results is to do that the experts/gurus (call them what you will) do.. TEST

    And see what your target market usually responds to - they'll repsond differently depending on their mood, what days it is etc etc.

    Don't expect overnight results. If you're chasing quick money you're in the wrong game

    I'd start with a product review site, based on a WP template theme
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