Securing A Digital Product - Something I Noticed Today

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So, earlier today I was scanning thru Youtube, looking at some reviews of new digital products. I found one review where the person must have an Early Access copy or a Review Copy, and I don't know what made me do this but I typed in the website URL that was showing inside the video, and what it brought me to was what looked to be the actual product. FULL ACCESS!

When I say Full Access, it was a website page with all the methods listed, things to do, and how to do them, links to the bonuses, etc. Yes, I know the difference between a Sales Page and the Actual product itself.

So, I actually backed away slowly out of that site and laughed to myself, I don't think the product creator meant for that to be that accessible. I could be wrong.

Is this normal? I would have sewn that stuff up and offered it as a PDF file or something, that you would only get upon purchase.
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