How can I monetize the franchising niche?

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How can I monetize the franchising niche?
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  • If you have 14.000 people reading each email, there are loads of ways to monetize. A simple thing you could do already in your next newsletter would be to include links to Amazon books about franchising using your affiliate link. There are over 7000 search results on Amazon for the word Franchise.

    Edit: I see Amazon do not allow affiliate links in the emails themselves anymore. But you could link to your blog posts/website where there are affiliate links.
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    • I'm pretty sure Amazon doesn't allow email marketing to generate affiliate traffic I considered this at first as well!
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  • Make a awesome newsletter and active campaign on email marketing grab the best email from linked in ,I was an lead generator on upwork and I assure I can help you
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    • ? grab the best email from LinkedIn? What do you mean?
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    Work with Franchising consultants / coaches on % basis you will make tons of money !! Also arrange webinars/events and charge fees .. Tons of options tbh
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    • You seem pretty knowledgeable about this subject, based on your experience!

      I was thinking of segmenting my list into business owners/non business owners. After segmenting them, I was thinking of segmenting the business owners into those who currently use PPC Campaigns and those who don't.

      Then I would pitch PPC services to those who aren't currently using that.

      Does this seem like a sensible plan?
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