I ran into road blocks at ClickBank. Here's how I solved it.

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Just wanted to inform anyone for whom this may be useful one day.

I ran into road blocks at ClickBank with a new product. I received numerous rejections, without any clue from them on how to modify my offer to gain acceptance.

Even though I asked specific questions in my replies to the rejections, the questions were not at all answered.

The rejections were literally rejections with no information on how to move forward.

If this happens to you, don't give up. I'll tell you how I got through to them and got specific answers -- answer which enabled me to make changes and get approved.

Here's what I did: I opened a support ticket. (This is separate from the approvals department, so it may not seem an obvious way to go.) In the support ticket I respectfully but firmly explained that I had been rejected numerous times, without information on how to move forward. I included screen shots.

The very compliance officer who had been rejecting me without offering clues in the approvals queue ... the very one ... replied to the support ticket with actionable information.

I'm unsure why the support ticket sparked a conversation although the approvals queue notes did not. But it did.

She provided specific information on what I could do to improve the offer in ClickBank's eyes. I made the changes and the offer was approved.

So, for what it's worth, that's how I moved beyond what had appeared to be a hopeless, kafkaesque predicament with ClickBank.

David Wimberley
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