Getting Your Internet Marketing Business off "The Blacklist"

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Got a question for you.

Is your business on the "Blacklist"?

You See...

I was re-watching this show the other night called The Blacklist.

It stars James Spader and he plays a person on the F.B.I.'s Top Ten Most Wanted.

It starts out where he just walks in to the F.B.I. and turns himself in.

Why would he do that?

He says he's there to help stop a suspected terrorist from doing something bad.

The F.B.I. thought a terrorist he came to help them with was dead this whole time and James Spader's character quickly proves them wrong.


He helps them with this "undead terrorist" and says he can help them with more.

They tell him that they don't need his help and know everyone they should be watching.

But, he explains that his list is not these guys they know about, but the real "Players" in the world. The ones that they didn't even know existed.

That got me thinking about a lot of business owners. How many of them are on some type of "blacklist". Basically...

Their potential customers don't even know they exist.

Some customers do know about you and some might share things about your business to others...

But how many other potential customers have no idea you are there because you're on the "blacklist"?

You're on a list made up of "real players" but they just don't know you exist.

Is there a way you can quickly get off that "blacklist" and get more people talking about you.

The easiest and fastest way is to now have your current leads and customers spread the word and make people put you on their "to work with list" versus some "blacklist".

Now when you have a customer come into your business, this is important to remember...

There are basically only three ways you can make more money from every customer.

You Can...

1. Raise Prices 2. Sell More at One Time To That Customer 3. Sell More Frequently To That Customer

Now taking the first one...

Raise Prices.

If you're thinking, "My customers or clients wouldn't pay more", think about what you are offering and how you can possibly add value to your product or service.

Think of ways your product or service can have more of a perceived value to your current and future customers.

Are you really making what you're worth? Are you competing only on price or are you competing on value?

Is there a way you can add additional services or products at one time?

Maybe you could bundle services, offer add-ons, and other things to get more from every single transaction. Now the second one, sell more at one time to a customer...

Can you like in the previous example, bundle services or products?

How can you make your customer want to spend way more than the average transaction size you are used to them spending?

Now on to the third...

Sell More Frequently To That Customer.

Are you keeping in contact and letting it known to them you're still there to help educate them in what they need to know in your field?

Staying in contact, offering incentives to past clients or customers, by saying to them..."Hey, we are still able to provide the solutions to your problems!"

The fast and easy step is to really break down your product or service and figure out what people are paying now...what you want them to pay...

And what separates you from others offering that product or service?

Then figure out how to explain it in such a way like we spoke about...

How does this benefit the customer?

Then offer extra products, services, or an add-on to increase the sale.

A great way to accomplish all these is by creating packages of your services.

If you have one product or service now, what extra added benefit could you offer your clients or customers that they want immediately?

If you are saying nothing, then hopefully you will understand that there is something you just haven't thought of it yet.

A bonus tip for you is to add names to your packages as well.

For Example: You could have the new owner package or the super xyz package and so on.

If you haven't already, start it and see how it works for your business.

Think of what you offer now and what value can you bundle or add to increase prices starting right away.

You think about that, get off the blacklist and get more customers eagerly on your list.
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    Yes, I have observed producers use your idea. They repackage an existing product, re-brand it and take it to the customer. What's funny is that repackaging and re-branding excites the old customers and brings new customers on board.
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    I was in the black list once, considering that the deals made were under the table.

    Over 50 customers stopped the recurring charges tied to three digit sums.

    The Plot Started Thickening

    Next thing you know we launch a new one and then picture this...

    It turned into free advertising. You know bad news travel fast but if
    you're a smart cookie, you'll know lemonades are about to be made.

    It's called Reverse Marketing like fighting fire with fire,
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