How are you tracking call performance?

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Evening Warriors,

I am curious to know if anyone has been able to successfully track phone calls as a test objective with Google Optimize or whatever testing platform you may be using?

I am able to track web conversions in Optimize via a custom event I created using Tag Manager. However, I cannot figure out a way to include phone calls as a test objective.

The only solution I have found is to create a click-to-call event listener; however, this does not account for desktop users who may simply call the number directly on their phone without clicking on the actual tel: link.

Has anyone found a solution for measuring phone call performance within their testing platform? Fyi, I use tracking numbers with Dynamic Number Insertion on my site via What Converts (similar to CallRail).

Any insight is much appreciated!

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    Hi E,

    Whenever you cannot track an offline Macro Conversion event try creating an onsite engagement flow to track micro conversions instead.

    While not perfect, the best approach to solving this issue I have found it to place Phone numbers within modal popups or hidden elements that users must click to reveal the phone number. You then place a conversion tag on that click event to track how many people follow that process.

    While there is no way to automatically track offline events, like a completed the phone call, you can at least track the "intent to call" and that can often be good enough for A/B split testing purposes. At the very least you know for certain that the engagement and interest level is higher with this click event.

    When you have gathered enough data on this event you can apply a reasonably accurate average conversion value based on the number of phone calls as a ration of click events.

    By the way, GTM now has Auto-Event Tracking that makes it easy to track button clicks using the Built-In Variables Menu to enabling all click events. Next, define your Trigger based on the unique button text, id, or class. Finally, add the trigger to an Event Tag. No Javascript needed.


    Don Burk
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    I have been trying to figure out the same for quite some time now. It is good you have brought the topic here. Let's wait and see what members have to say.
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    I use You can have virtually an unlimited of local phone numbers and/or tracking extensions forwarded to your phone. Among their many features is a phone number call capture for anyone who calls in.

    I promote and advertise heavily online/offline, and this service also provides an unlimited line capacity and live call forwarding to your available sales reps, answering service, outgoing presentation, or voice mail.
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