Which PLR Type is Most Helpful to You and/or Your Customers?

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Hello Everyone. I had a question about PLR types - I have found that videos and video sets tend to convert the most for me, and that my video membership sites are more popular and more widely used than my articles, blog posts and web pages. So I was curious as to whether Ebooks, Articles, Plugins and other non-video PLR are very useful to any of you or not (In the context of is there a reasonable market or audience for non-video PLR that I have just overlooked and need to try and cultivate more)?
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    I love PLR, and I been having good success using them building my lists, and for my blog content. Definitely, there is market for each type, you have to make sure you bring it to the right audience.

    Example: a copywriter may be interested because they need good content, so articles or ebooks may come in handy.

    With my past experience, I noticed plr or mrr software and plugins are very good lead magnet. I tested and improve my opt-in conversion rate.

    Here are some of the ways I use plr. These are few ways I can think of now how you can use PLR, you may or may not know but hope it help

    Articles - rewrite and submit to articles directories or combine them into ebook

    eBooks - insert an affiliate link and give out for free, this is good way to build passive income

    videos - combine into courses or upsize your products and sell at higher price

    software and plugin - good for upsell or add as bonuses

    You can check out my signature link of how I use my PLR to build leads and promoting products.

    Cheers to your success!
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    Frankly PLR are monotonous and bland.

    If you can't string words together maybe hire a writer.

    OK maybe that was a little bit too far

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    I find that quality made Info graphics with factual information and statistics go a long way.
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    If video is working for you, keep using it! However, there are some very effective ways to use written content, too... *IF* you can find high-quality PLR. (There's lots of crap out there; and re-purposed crap, is still crap.) The nice thing about quality PLR text is that the author has already done the work for you. You have an outline and content already. Tweak it if you need to. Then, take 1 or 2 affiliate links and embed them naturally into the content. You now have a lead magnet you can use to build your list AND a stream of income. It's list building that pays you!
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    As I said elsewhere, there are niches in which content converts and niches in which PLR will convert. So the best thing you can do is to have a hybrid for niches that are 50-50.
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    Different PLR Content formats are preferred by different people.

    For example, when a Spanish customers watches a an English video, he wishes there was a ebook version so he can translate it.

    For parents driving to work, they might prefer to listen to audios.

    For people wanted to post the content on their blogs, they'll prefer articles.

    For coaches, they might prefer forms, checklists, blog posts, templates etc

    It's really dependent on what you plan to do with the content or how you plan to use it.

    There's definitely a good market for PLR content types other than video. Especially focusing on trending topics that are profitable.

    But I also do agree with you, video is great and many people prefer learning by watching videos, and being able to see over the shoulder what to do.
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    Of course audio and regular text format (ebooks, articles, etc.) are still highly sought out today. The sale of "biz-in-a-box" courses has not slowed down at all. With that said, there's still quite a huge market for it.

    If I were you, I would not abstain from creating audio formats and text formats of the video that you're producing. You never know what customer(s) could be straying away from your offer just because you didn't offer an audio version or a text version. Put quite simply, some people might not want to sit thru a whole audio or video presentation (I'll say personally because I like to read instead of watch or listen sometimes).

    Some people might find it easier to just read the PDF you might offer or the articles at a later date or later on after they get it. If you just offer one way to learn the information, there is quite a chance that you are holding yourself back from extra prospects and/or customers.

    On the other hand, with the video you produce, you could be looked at as the "go-to-guy/girl" who provides the best content in the niche(s) you produce it in. As a result of that, you could be looked at as an expert.

    Either way, I wish you the best, but I would advise to branch out (to audio and text) since you have already experienced some success in one facet of your business.
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