Facebook ads or Google adwords. Which one to learn?

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    Definitely both. You can double the rates this way.

    But if I had to choose one, I'd go with Adwords.

    Anybody worth his salt is using them.

    Sales come almost instantly when your ads go up and running.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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      I have created a new facebook ads account that i was running from last 7days but on daily basis only Rs 700 inr Indian Currency is spending daily. I have also tried to change the billing threshold manually but it is not increasing.

      Can anyone suggest what to do in this case.

      Also, looking at this issue i have created a new account in which i have added manually payment. But as i have not operated manual payment method i don't how much amount i have to add initially suppose if i add 5000 and my daily spending limit is 2000 then campaign will perform or not.

      As i have read various articles and found that in new account facebook limits the account that is why 700 rs is spending daily. Is this also same happen with manual payment method as in that we do advance payment.

      Please help i am grateful to you.
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  • Search engine advertising works differently to social media advertising. This ends up making all the difference.

    When someone comes upon your ad through Google Ads, they have searched for your keywords. They are already in the process of looking for a solution to whatever problem prompted their search.

    On the other hand, people hang around on Facebook to interact with others who share their passions and who they're friends with mostly. So when your ad pops up in their feed, they're not actively looking for a solution to a problem. They may be interested, say, in weight loss, but when they see your ad they're not in the process of searching for weight loss solutions.

    What this means is that people on social media platforms are at a different stage of their buying journey. Your job is to stop them in their tracks, make them realize they have a problem, get them to check out your solution, and then convince them that it will work for them and they need to buy now.

    On search engines your job is different. They're already looking for a solution. You have to get their attention by showing you can resolve their problem, keep their attention, intensify their desire, and close them.

    For fitness marketing, if you had to choose one, I'd recommend starting out with Google Adwords. It's an easier route and you can start getting clients right away for your customers. Also, look into other search engine marketing - Bing can often times be a lot less competitive, and ends up producing better results, for less $$.

    Ideally you should use both. Facebook works much better at increasing awareness for brands that serve consumers, and getting them to think about their problems and the available solutions. Google works better for B2B and for cases where consumers are already looking to buy.

    Start with Google Ads. Take a course on Udemy. Learn about sales funnels. Learn about Google Tag Manager. Learn about Analytics. Then get into Bing too. After you're already starting to generate revenue for yourself and your clients, learn Facebook ads and add that as a service. Sell it to ALL your previous clients, and new ones.

    I'm the owner of a direct response agency, so all the advice above is the same advice I would give to myself if I was just starting out.
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      Do you suggest starting out working for FREE with the very few first clients? Only to build some sort of social proof that will later help me getting paying prospects.
      How do I know the media which my potential prospects hang out most, where I would position myself as the expert in that niche?
      Where Can I find prospects that are interested in my service?
      Do you know any practical tips to find a job right away?
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      • Originally Posted by Youness Bourgui

        Do you suggest starting out working for FREE with the very few first clients?
        I suggest you structure your offers so that it makes sense. I wouldn't work entirely for free. I would suggest something like working for a trial period for free, and to continue the work you would charge a monthly amount. All that the client needs to do during the trial period is provide you with the advertising budget. You can start with something like $5-10/day for 7-14 days and set clear goals with them. Make sure that you make it clear that they're only eligible for the free trial if they agree to leave a testimonial for you at the end.

        I would start for free. Search on Google for forums and on Facebook for groups where your niche (gym owners, fitness coaches, personal trainers) hang around. Join groups that are related to working out. Interact with them and provide value. Advertise your services on the forums where you are allowed to. Then open up google maps and search for gyms, fitness coaches, etc. around you. Get their contact details, and then start emailing them. You can use Snov.io (it's free) to easily find their emails from their LinkedIn profile or any webpage really. Cold emailing and cold calling will probably be your best bet in getting your first clients.

        To position yourself as the expert in your niche takes time. You need to build a website, and have many succesful projects under your belt. Prospects should be able to easily find you and learn more info about you and what you do. The way you do that is by appearing in as many places online as you can. Your website, forums, blogs, etc.

        Originally Posted by Youness Bourgui

        Do you know any practical tips to find a job right away?
        I would start with cold email marketing. Write out your script, gather contact details manually or using a scraper, and start sending out emails with your offer and seeing some market response. Then adapt, and start scaling your marketing efforts
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    If I were you, I would obviously combine the two. You need facebook to reach a wider market. It will also help you to promote your service and bring awareness. Adword will help you reach clients who have already made up their mind that they need the service /product you are offering. They will be willing to pay to get the service. But it requires a bigger budget to get started. So look at the resources you have and
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