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I hired a coach back in January for $5000. He was helpful, but honestly paying for this coaching really just lit a fire under my a** to really start stepping my game up to justify the cost of coaching.

Anyway, during the coaching he had me create a Clickfunnels account. I never liked the vibe of clickfunnels, but I wanted to make sure that I did everything I was instructed to do. So I signed up.

I only kept the service for 1 month, and to this day I think that it is the biggest waste of money you could possibly spend on a service.

HOWEVER, what I learned from their training videos is probably the most valuable lesson that I ever learned in my 5+ years of IM....and that is the idea of "one page, one goal".

My website used to be set up like the "old school sites", where I have a bunch of cool content to check out. Amongst this cool content, I would have little banner ads letting people know about the thing that I was selling. Sometimes people would buy it, but most people would just browse the free content. This is understandable.

After implementing the clickfunnels mindset of "one page, one goal"....my sales MASSIVELY increased. I still have the same content and the same product for sale, but I'm now making A LOT more sales.

One page, one goal.

People come to my home page, they see a video about why they should sign up for my site. Underneath the video is a big button that tells them exactly what to do, which is to sign up for my site.

They can keep scrolling down the page to get a few more samples of what else is inside, but again they must click this button to get in. One page, one goal.

As soon as they sign up, they are then taken to the "thank you for joining page". On this page, they are presented with the offer to upgrade. This page points out all the benefits of upgrading and has a big yellow button that says "yes, I'll take it". One page, one goal.

If they choose not to upgrade, they can click the "no thanks, I just want to proceed as a free member" link. Once they click that link, they are taken into the site with all the cool stuff. They had to do what I led them to do in order to get there though...

Once they are inside, it is VERY CLEAR that the "upgraded version" would be a much better browsing experience. Every single page has the option to "upgrade now". One page, one goal.

As soon as they click the "upgrade now" link on any of the pages, they are taken to the sales page. The sales page lists everything that they will get if they choose to upgrade. This page contains one single button, which is the "buy now" button. One page, one goal.

If you have a website that gives them options, with one of them being to "buy something", along with a bunch of other options to "browse free content", the majority of the people will just browse the free stuff. Only a very small percentage of people will be intrigued enough by you to actually buy what you're selling.

You have to lead them. You have to instruct them on exactly what to do. You do this by adhering to the "one page, one goal" principle.

You don't need clickfunnels to apply this concept either. Save your $97/month and just set it up yourself .

Hope this post can help some people!
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    Thank you for sharing this - its very generous of you.

    I often find similar things happen to me when I purchase an internet marketing product.

    It is often not the original product you purchase that helps you but sometimes it can be an unexpected bonus or a link to a great site that you had not heard of before that helps you to get more traffic - this can often be worth a lot more than the original product that you purchased.

    I often purchase things from Barbling and she includes so much information of value that you know you can't go wrong!

    Best Regards

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