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I have a domain name I'd like to sell. It's an .org-domain with a website that has been active since 2007, for an open source software product. The software has not been maintained for some years now, so I'm seeing if it's worth selling the domain.

Since I don't have any experience with the value of domain names and selling them, I thought I'd ask here for advice. I did a check with the free URL checker on MOZ, and the domain name appears to have Domain Authority of 33, Page Authority (homepage) of 50 and a Moz-ranking of 5, with 1.8K unique linking domains and 46.5K inbound links.

I'd be selling it mostly as a SEO-asset, since the project itself is mostly abandoned and doesn't generate any revenue. Do you guys think there are potential buyers for such a domain name?

Any insights/tips are appreciated!
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  • You never know my friend the key is to get it exposure. There are several FB groups that allow selling right on the posting thread at all times.

    Also a couple link that may be helpful...



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    Honestly I dont think anybody is going to be able to give you a full answer without knowing the domain (you can message me if you want a further review). I've been selling domains for a few years now and .org are tough to sell unless you have a killer keyword (single word domain or few letters).

    For this kind of site it sounds like you're better off to auction it to somebody who can see the SEO potential behind the project. You might even find a fellow developer who wants to pick up where you left off

    The website stats look good from what you've provided, but more numbers will make the sale easier. If there is any revenue (from ads or otherwise), then that can be a huge boost to the final sales price
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    I used to work as a domain trader and domain broker for a company.

    There is no defined domain value and is really depends on who you are selling to. Unless you are holding 1 or 2 keywords domain that means you are hitting jackpot and can easily sell at 4 - 7 figures depending on who you sell to.

    One quick way you can check out namebio.com and search for past sales records of similar domain names. You will get a good gauge of how much your domain name is.

    Another thing is, sell it to the company or person related to the domain name. Many new domain sellers just see short term profit but not willing to hold until the right buyer approaches them.

    For example, if you have a domain name "SEObiz.com", definitely an SEO company willing to pay more than other buyers. And is a lot more than another buyer, can be easily 5x or 10x or even more. And this is how we domain trader flip it.

    The fastest way to find a buyer is to email the companies that are related to your domain keywords. Another way you can do go to domain forums and find brokers. Commission rate is around 5% - 20%, but they can do the work for you but they already have buyer list on their hand.

    By the way, back to your domain name, remember to check your domain history. If the domain name had a bad history then most probably those in the industry will not be interested. A quick example, if the domain used to be an online casino or scam company that you have to be careful. Those incoming links are using white hat or black hat. You have to check all these, sometimes it look goods to you by when we dive deeper is actually bad.

    Remember this, always use escrow to trade domain to prevent you get scam.

    I just listed the basics you need to get started. Hope these help

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    My dear everything sells. It is good that you decided to seek help here at WF. I am certain that you will get a buyer if you set your price right.
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  • A domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, which means you get more if you put in the time and effort to find just the right buyer.

    To give you a rough feel for what your domain might be worth, I'd start with a free valuation tool such as estibot.com However, estibot algorithm can take into account lots of human behavioral factors, latest trends, etc.

    It's certainly worth selling if it's not benefiting you... if only so that you can save on the registration renewal fee :-)

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    The domain being 12 years old has a stronger pull factor. Have you tried posting it or having it appraised on Zedo?
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    This is just my own view so here goes.....

    If this domain is not bringing you any traffic and revenue, why would someone else would want to buy it off you?

    I can go to Godaddy,com and buy my own domain name just like yours with some different variations to that domain name.

    Just my opinion.
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    I had an abandoned open source project website and I got $500 for it. $500 isn't a ton of money but my domain wasn't anywhere near as old as yours or even had the metrics that yours sounds like it has. You might be surprised and a company that wants to continue the project might buy it, which might get you even more money depending on the project.

    I wouldn't separate the project from the domain if you don't have too. You never know who will be interested.
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    I find and sell expired domains for my clients for SEO purposes. Such a domain would definitely be worth to someone. The question is - how much would you want for it?
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    The fact is that, we, domain investors, sometimes sell domains in hundreds for one transaction - a total of several hundred thousand dollars. Then it is impossible to allocate the price of a single name.
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    It's possible to get a free domain valuation from places like GoDaddy.com

    You can take a screen-grab of their valuation and include it in your sales message wherever you sell.

    Experienced domain buyers won't take too much notice of these valuations, but they are likely to help sales to inexperienced buyers.

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    Park the domain to see if you can at least pay the renewal fees with the revenue if brings and, as stated above, don;t give too much credit to automated valuation tools such as the one you'll find on GoDaddy and Estibot.
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  • It really depends on the Domain Name and if it is well sought after, or has a high searched keyword in the name itself.
    Put it on the market and see how you go.
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    If you're going to sell the domain name (which I'd advice you to), the best way to figure how much value the domain name will have is to actually wait for potential buyers to approach you. You can reach out to them, though, through social platforms, or with a little publicity.
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    Most important is its backlink profile.
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    Check it's backlink profile

    If you have SPAM backlinks, you might not be able to get a decent price for your DA33 domain

    Let's face it, that DA33 is the only "asset" value behind your domain

    Blackhat SEO marketers use domains like yours to create PBNS for SEO purposes.... but they are usually very PICKY when it comes to BACKLINK QUALITY.

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