Can anyone help me appraise these domains?

by wm42150 3 replies
Hey all,

I'm really broke and can't afford to pay to have few domains appraised. I'm new to this game and have no idea how to price domains.

I know it's hard to come up with exact figures without research, but what do you think the ball park figures might be?

Where is the best place to sell them?




Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Hi wm42150,
    I don't want to sound pessimistic or anything like that, but I don't think you can get more than $15.00 in the best case for each one, one place you can try is DNForum - Domain Sales, Domain Forum, Domain Appraisals, Domain Registrars

    Now if you have some time I'll sugest you to develop the sites write some content, and then sell the domian with the site, that's the only way I see you can get some money from those domains.

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      Oh well, thanks for the reply though!
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    Perhaps you can develop it a little.

    • A banner image relevant to ur content
    • 10 unique articles
    • a good number of back links
    This will give u significant buck in sale.
    I Love Internet Marketing for the freedom of Lifestyle that it empowers and for the money it puts in my bank account :)
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