Creating a successful B2B Marketing campaign on Linkedin for a Dental Lab

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Hi there,

I own a Dental Lab and we would really love to advertise ourselves on Linkedin to promote some of our dental lab services to dentists.

Has anyone got any experience of running successful campaigns for Dental Labs or other businesses on Linkedin doing B2B marketing?

Is it an expensive platform to market on? And what sorts of results did you get doing B2B marketing?

Many thanks.
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    I have been advertising and marketing on LinkedIn for years. If done right LI can be super effective for pulling in leads and interest. However, it's not cheap from both a time and cost standpoint. You won't find a better platform to reach B2B.

    That being said, it takes time, patience and it doesn't always work for every industry. Takes some tests to figure out what the ROI will be and if it becomes more of a branding platform or a true lead gen one. I think it's very hard to quantify using it for branding unless you have a large budget and team to manage.
    At the end of the day leads are what generates the sales and that is what I primarily use to focus it on. Takes creativity as well.

    Does you lab work work with dentists nationwide? If so, you have a better chance of success on LI.
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    What are the things you know about your ideal customer?

    Who is best, as a dentist, to be your customer? What is it about them and how they do business that make them that way?

    What's your strategy here? To get a one-time trial, or repeat business?

    Details here will make a big difference in the quality of response you get.
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