The Can's and Can'ts of Affiliate Posts

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Hi all,

New beginner. I've got loads of patience etc. I understand different places have different rules. But questions on the basics about post creation; Is there anything wrong with posting on social media an examples of the following; I have 2 examples;

'xxx Magazine has reported on the World's Fastest xyz xxx! If you fancy the need to dress-up as a xyz there's some great one's available like this one here: #Ad (link removed)

Where is the line between using or not using materials and content? What exactly is content? Would that include the person or items which happens to be on a website or show which are known or available elsewhere?

Another example; a show has a cooking slot which uses a product to make something. Can you do the same as the first example by 1) Mentioning the show/mag/site 2) Mentioning a guest or activity on it 3) Giving a similar or match to a product they used?

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    No matter how you post them, affiliate links are generally frowned upon.

    I always send people to one of my properties and then to the affiliate site. Without preselling to warm them up your affiliate sales will be few if any.
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      Yeah, doing affiliate marketing on social media directly is hard. You look pretty spammy when you do it. Most people first want to get some value before being sold something.
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  • One of the biggest mistakes that many new affiliates make is that they go around spamming links in forums, FB groups and comment sections thinking that people will just click on them when they see them.

    But to be successful with affiliate marketing, there is a REAL method to the madness.

    Not only do you need to know WHO your target audience is and where they hang out, but you need to be able to provide enough VALUE to them to be seen as someone they can trust if you're going to a product recommendation to them.

    Then you really do need to learn "Marketing" because there is a psychology behind getting people to give you their hard earned money.

    A good affiliate marketing course will teach you all of the and much more.
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    Affiliate Marketing includes some techniques, its not just publishing or sharing links on social media. You should consult with experienced person who owns long time experience in this field.
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