Should I recruit freelancers for doing the job as affiliates?

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I Hope you can answer me about this little question:

Should I try and recruit freelancers to do the jobs of affiliates and promote my affiliate program?

Because, sometimes it's easier to find freelancers out there,

There are lot of great places to find freelancers: site like: upwork, guru, truelancer and more,

so should I try there?

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    Freelancers expect to be paid for their work - a set amount for the job they are hired to do. Someone who is good at affiliate sales is probably not freelancing but promoting their own affiliate links.

    You could hire a freelancer to place regular ads for your product - and do other 'task work', content writing, link building, etc.
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      As Mr said
      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Someone who is good at affiliate sales is probably not freelancing but promoting their own affiliate links.

      Affiliate will always need to see their profit to promote an offer. You can try to improve you sales funnel to increase your conversion rates and to automatically increase Affiliate Commissions.

      High CR + High Commission = a lot of affiliate (I'd be an affiliate of your if so. )

      Then make a JV page where you explain everything to affiliates and to get their contact info, You can find affiliates in social media groups, also you can target them very easily using Facebook Ads.
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    What exactly you want to outsource? As Kay King said, freelancers will do some tasks, like placing ads, writting content and so on, but they won't run your affiliate business. They can promote your affiliate link, but it would like other tasks, they can place ads on facebook, run adword campaigns.
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    You can't hire someone as a freelancer and expect to do your affiliate work for a fraction of the price, they are not dumb.
    You could file freelancers to help out with content, but if it were that easy everyone would do it.
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  • Don't affiliates get paid when you do? And don't freelancers get paid regardless of whether you do or not?
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    Freelancers are not salesmen. Having said this, they may be good technically but they're usually bad at marketing. You need a person who is very good at marketing to be your affiliate.
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  • Originally Posted by stevehadad5 View Post

    Should I recruit freelancers for doing the job as affiliates?
    Right idea. Wrong plan. In my opinion.

    But why not test a system?
    Hire freelancers to do stuff for you.
    When they generate viable results, then explore it further?
    And drop it if it isn't working.
    Or ramp it up if it makes sense?

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  • Freelancers can be affiliates, why not? Is more about your paying model, as affiliates pay is based on performance commission rate, a CPL or CPA amount.
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