Did anyone add a Shopify store to their non E-comm website as just an extra income stream?

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Hey, I'm currently in the process of building out my shopify store. I'm going to have a bunch of POD products on there. The idea is just to add another potential stream of income to my site, which is primarily monetized by selling a digital course.

I've tried searching YouTube for this, but everyone that is on there seems to be in the E-comm business 100%...their main focus is their shopify store.

My main focus on the other hand, is my website with the digital course. If people choose not to buy that, then they can always buy a T-shirt or hoodie or something as an option.

I'm wondering if anyone else follows this business model, and how it is working for them?

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    Have never used the app but have used the site for shopify stores in the past.
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