2020 Vision Internet Marketing?

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I love double meanings. 2020 the Year and Clear Eyesight and Insights.

We are Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs.

Hindsight? You remember New Years 2019 Goals? How did it all work out?

Back to the Warrior Forum!

You know how when you do not go to a gym in a while or go to a different gym then go back to your old gym you can see right away if people have been slacking or on top of their game in seconds....and the Warrior Forum looks in much better Shape!

For one I do not see the meanness in alot of comments I did when I took a break.

You know the people that go around the block not to help you when they could have just crossed the street and added some value instead.

People here have literally saved my hide online and I may have saved a few myself.

When I was at a fork in the road one of the mods gave me an enormous boost like a mentor and so generous with knowledge.

This is a marketing forum...I wandered over to an Entrepreneur Forum for several months and came running back.

They are talking about fast cars and becoming multi millionaires and I admit a few have but I also see people sharing they have not made a penny online yet they are still spending time on that forum commenting about a gazillion topics that have nothing to do with making a sale TODAY.

Yak yak on the power moves they will make once rich and here people are talking about their first $10,000 month from grinding.

There are these 2 girls at my current gym...they work out hard!

They are always doing some crazy inverted sit ups tying the bench to the smith machine, they have their big rubberbands doing exotic exercises while video taping themselves always something NEW.

But...for months neither one has made a transformation.

To me that is what all the reps are for!

Same in our marketing.

Months ago I probably came an inch from getting a time out or banned because I sent a few P.M.s and you know how we have different perception when we are drivers then when we are pedestrians?

I was making a unique offer which I thought for them was like a Gift from God that they should jump all over but a few thought that it was basically spam which was probably more accurate haha. Live an learn.

For Newbies I say Yes spend time here be the sponge and absorb all you can....but also do some things like spend time absorbing SOLD AUCTIONS.

That is a Free University with very detailed Proof of Success!

Flipping and Domains...

We are all involved..whether we are conscious of it or not. Our online presence/business it's an asset.

Treat it like an asset that could be possibly sold one day.

Also this is the internet. We make websites. Why not create your website or another with the intent you would sell it one day in the future. What would make it attractive to a potential investor. For the most part...the fact it will have proof of revenue.


I trapped myself in focusing on the Grand Slam Home Run Launches instead of the steady base hits daily.

Click funnels! Not the brand.

I mean we should all actually be clicking Funnels. I do it all the time...what a great learning experience. You find out stuff to do and stuff not to do ha.

There are marketers who really do not enjoy selling or being sold to.

We have to overcome that. It is just in our best interest.

When I sold cars many years ago I would kill them with kindness, well actually knowledge and walk away. I will share insights they would rarely know even tell them great questions to as at the next place they visited. Then I would give them my name and walk away. My Mgrs wanted to strangle me haha.

They would never buy from anyone else but me and if I was off that day they would wait and come back.

There is an excellent scene in the movie Boiler Room. Great infotainment on selling..

He is in a high pressure high profit Investment company and he gets a call from a newspaper subscription offer.

Another great scene is Al Pacino in GlenGary Glenross. Is he selling/closing? or Connecting?

Yep think out the box...

Once I sold an eBook as a WSO in 30 days it made about $5000 just on pure bumps only. So while a few sales were still trickling in I got the idea to make a domain out the title and offer it as a Starter Website with just a new Wordpress template... .

But the kicker was it came with Master Rights to a Proven Great Selling eBook and I had all the proofs.

I do not think anyone had every done that before on an Auction but It did not stop me. I got my Buy It Now Price of $2500 in a matter of days. Yea pure luck....but pure luck I put myself in the position to receive right

For the newbies I am really trying to share things you can leverage and save you time, money and effort.

One thing I really would like to share about being a Digital Nomad...

You can travel to an island but never put your business on one.

Network, Do joint ventures, optimize social media for business.

When you get challenges and you will you want to have a network you can call on.

It could be for advice, services just about anything but it can make a huge difference in overcoming FRAMA ...I made that up...Financial Drama from time to time.

If I had that time machine and could go back what would I change. Very easy one...

I would still love Product Creation but these 2 things at the forefront...


Recurring Income Element.

Those 2 things will keep your business in business.

There used to be a thread here with the title something like Quitting after 13 Years.

That is crazy on one of the best marketing forums in the world. I actually tried to reach out to that guy before he jetted.

See the Big Pictures.

I was just reading a thread where a guy was sharing why he thinks Copy Writing is most important thing for Affiliate Marketing and some commented email marketing is for him...but what great email marketing does not include great copy writing skills?

If I was on a webinar and the host was telling me how valuable this must have $2000 tool was and the presentation was getting me excited and wanting to pull the trigger...what it just told me was I need to be doing Webinars!

This is an excellent Internet Marketing Forum.

But when you get a chance spend some time at Jay Abraham's website and go to his Free Resources Page. Another Free Business University. It will open your eyes to possibilities.

For example, you may read how 2 companies can compliment each other and you could broker a deal between them and everyone profits.

Those types of skills along with Internet Marketing is very powerful.

If someone were just starting or just starting all over fresh...

Think about something you are about to create that an Investor would be interested In. And break down why they would be then start creating it from that.

Monetize quickly.

Heard of Embarrassing niches? These are people with problems with a credit card in hand they are not waiting for you to establish yourself after months blogging. Sell them something!

Of course there's details...you learn how to stand out from the pack, you study who is doing well and you model from that and try to make your offer better.

Give people knowledge they are not getting from the next guy and that gains you some trust and eventually established you as an Authority.

Lighten up!

Humor Good.

Diet Exercise Sleep and LIVING.

Look at the vast resources we have to cure many addiction at our fingertips.

This one thing may get me thrown into Mind Warriors section hahah but it is very much a part of Internet Marketing

Optimize that Computer between your ears!

Bad with money? Following thru?

On websites that eat your time and nothing to show for it?

Broke Genius is another double meaning I love.

Sometimes very intelligent people get in their own way and that broke brain can create broke pockets.

Remember Everything is connected and so are we.

There are going to be a large number of people talking about internet marketing this time next year with no changes in their business. Take one step every day to get to your destination and you will get there.

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    Amazing post. Thanks for your info and I have seen videos also. It's quite interesting.
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      Originally Posted by shreyashinde View Post

      Amazing post. Thanks for your info and I have seen videos also. It's quite interesting.
      Thanks so much my friend I knew I had to say something as I disappeared and popped back on the scene but it really makes you appreciate when you take a break sometimes.

      I had alot in my head as you can tell and I hope people engage and ask questions because it will not just be a New Year...but 2020 just sounds life changing.

      We have to get to where we are going!

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    Great piece! thanks!
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      Originally Posted by ColdPersimmon View Post

      Great piece! thanks!

      Thanks so much my ego took a hit there for a moment with zero replies hahaha and I was like I hope they do not think I am just beating my chest for attention I really just wanted to shake some people up that we have perfect timing to position ourselves for a major New Year.

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    really impressed after what i saw and read ! truly fantastic!
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      Originally Posted by volcan View Post

      really impressed after what i saw and read ! truly fantastic!
      High 5.

      IT'S NOVEMBER ALREADY. 2020 upon us!

      If we do what we have always done we will get what we have always got!

      * Minus cost of living increases!

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  • The Internet is a beautiful thing. What we can do that some of as kids never had access to.

    I spent last couple weeks isolating some computer glitches, computer hacks and computer optimization. But I am talking about that computer between our ears.

    Get ready for 2020. Fix what is broke. Addictions, distractions, anger management, over indulgence, living in the past, getting ready to be ready, the things that you are spending time doing that are actually doing nothing to get you to your ultimate goals.

    I challenge anyone with a problem and that goes for every level marketer to honestly share it and get suggestions and possible solutions for it.

    Commenting but not actually Marketing.
    Money management
    Fear of actually winning and responsibility.
    One hit wonders.
    Hit and runs.
    Blackhat syndrome.
    Mentor-ship denial.
    Lack of Optimism.

    We all have our unique challenges but we are not alone even if we mistakenly think we are.

    New Year
    New You.

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