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Hey All, my first post here. (sorry if there any spelling mistakes )

So, i wanted to talk about a certain issue called PRE-PAYMENT.
As an affiliate manager i talk to a lot of affiliates during my day, after we discuss about traffic capabilities, payouts and expectation we get to the payment method.

most (90%) of affiliates will tell you they need PER-PAYMENT as its there policy.
and ask you to transfer funds to a certain account and they promise you will see results or you will get your money back. ( they claim that they been scammed before, well .... we all did.)

now, when i try to offer a different approach as immediate payment , that means that as soon as there a conversion i will transfer the money, that can serve both parties,
Affiliate side- if he dont receive his payment he can stop the campaign and be done with it.
Affiliate manager side- if all arrives good ill be happy to pay and continue this relationship (we all in this business to make money).
for now i started working with a few affiliates this way and we continue our relationship. and moved to NET terms.

So my question is what you the Affiliates think and also to my fellow Affiliate managers what are you doing and how you create relationships.

Thanks in advance
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    Personally, I have never asked for immediate commission payment nor do I only seek to promote products that offer immediate payments, in fact, sometimes I tend to shy away from immediate payments because of the way the payments are structured.

    From an affiliate managers point of view. I would make that decision on a case by case basis. If an affiliate is brand new and has produced no affiliate sales then no. On the other hand, if the affiliate has been around and is sending quality, converting traffic to offers then I would probably say yes.


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    So, i wanted to talk about a certain issue called PER-PAYMENT.
    I assume you mean Pre-payment? The affiliate gets paid before a sale is made?

    No one and I mean no one does that.
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    Yep, sorry for the spelling, i ment pre payment
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    I've been in the affiliate industry for a long time and I can say that I've never seen pre-payments offered. The closest thing I've seen is daily payments, which is where the commissions earned for that day are paid before the next day begins.

    Everyone wants pre-payment, but if anyone has actually worked in the industry longer than a day knows that's not how it works. Scammers ask for pre-payment, collect their money, and either send you trash leads or don't send you anything at all.

    I would avoid paying any affiliate commissions on pre-pay 100%.
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