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Digital marketing to businesses is a tough nut to crack mainly because negotiating with B2B customers is more personal (you get to interact with them personally). It's tough posting a Facebook promotion targeted to business because these businesses aren't as easily attracted to offers unlike in B2C marketing.

Here are some insights:

Content marketing

As Bill Gates put it, content is king. Any business intending to sell a product or service to another business needs good content, specifically blogs which highlight brand authority and expertise in that area. Websites with blogs are more likely to generate leads than those who don't maintain one.


Ubiquitous, yes, but LinkedIn is no doubt very effective in connecting with clients you might be looking for. If, for example, you sell CRM software, you can connect with sales managers and create targeted posts to identify key requirements and increase brand recognition.

Email marketing

Still the bread and butter, email marketing instantly delivers your campaign right at your target's mailbox. To make it more effective, you can focus more on creating an informative and educational content, instead of plainly selling.

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    LinkedIn is tough, ain't it?
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    LinkedIn is good for b2b.
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    I'd say cold calling works really great in the B2B space if done properly!

    Finding a B2B contact info is almost as easy - they will have their contacts out on display most times!

    Usually, for successful cold call campaigns, we would divide cold call sessions into 2! Won't go into too many details!

    Appointment setting sessions and Close call sessions!

    The appointment setter call agent sets up a meeting sort of,

    ...these guys "appointers" can set up a dozen meetings per day and hundreds a week for full-fledge cold call campaigns - then the "closer" has to sell the service effectively!

    On making sure the B2B converts - you need to have some testimonials, references and in some cases - test leads but I'll tell you what! If your closer is a silver tongue BIG talker - you just might not need any of those
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  • Digital marketing in b to b or b to c can be easy if done right. Even taking Facebook, no one really go's on there for ads. Same with business owners. But what they will do is click on content or value that they feel is worth their time. So by simply pulling from social media sources to your own with content, value and then direct response to make sale and capture email for follow up, that's how to take advantage of places like Facebook etc...
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    Don't forget SEO. Just because it's b2b doesn't mean they aren't searching online for business services/products.
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