Best way to promote new blogs?

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I'm looking for the best ways to get my blog going either via search engine or just simply starting to get more traffic.

I want to make as big as list as possible.

Any help would be great thanks!
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    Here are the things I suggest (in loosely descending order of importance):

    Building a quality site and become an authority in your niche

    Requesting one-way links or exchanges from sites related to yours

    Article marketing

    Commenting on blogs and forums

    Guest posting on related blogs


    Creating Squidoo lenses and HubPages hubs

    Submitting your site to online directories
    Free ebook: Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs
    Affiliate marketing for brand spankin' newbies
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    Hi @Dylantk,

    Below are some free traffic methods:

    1. Article Marketing
    2. Social Bookmarking and Social Networking
    3. Directory Submission
    4. Press Release
    5. Guest Posting
    6. Blog Commenting
    7. Forum Posting
    8. Video Marketing (Use TubeMogul to distribute your videos)
    9. Yahoo Answer
    10. Classified Ads
    11. Banner Submission

    Hope it helps. All are free methods. For list building you can take part on JV Giveaway.

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    The previous posts have some great advice Here's a little bit more of a detailed plan.

    Every time you write an article. First, post it to your blog. Second, submit it to several high traffic article directories (here's a good list) Then, you need to submit the Permalink for each new blog post you make to,,, etc. This process is quick and easy.

    After you do that I would do some of the other stuff mentioned above.

    I recently started a blog for one of my clients and our primary keyword only gets 1,200 searches per month (small niche obviously) but each "customer" is worth a minimum of $13,000. Anyways, this blog has already had 350 unique visitors in 2 weeks. The domain is literally two weeks old. So, you can do it, just get out there and get some high quality backlinks!

    - Tommy

    - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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    Pay more attention to the domain name、style and content of blog.This is basic but the most important.And since you have that intention to make it the biggest,I think you should also prepare yourself well both from the attitude and activity.It's not an easy thing and needs your devotion.
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    There are a few different ways to get traffic to your blog.

    1. After you write a post, ping your site. First, let me explain what pinging is. It is basically a directory of the most popular blog sites to list your site in. This is a good site to go to. It's called Ping Goat pinging site.

    When you write your post, after you click the publish button, look at the bottom of the page. There will be a link at the bottom of your post that will say Permalink. This is a link that is specific to your new post. Click on this link and use this link when you ping your site at Ping Goat. This link will have the date in it that the post was made and the subject that the post is about. This will let the search engines know that the post is brand new and what exactly it is about, so try to use relevant keywords in your title because this is what will be in the Permalink and this will help the search engines to spider your content to know exactly what your post is about.

    2. Write articles. If you are not used to writing articles, there are several places on the web that will give you tips to writing articles.Article writing is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your blog. This is one of the best and most effective ways to get links to your blog, which is essential if you want to be recognized by the search engines. Try to write at least one article today. If you write at least one per day, this will be a good start. Once you get good at it, you should be able to crank an article in 15 minutes. Tomorrow, I will give some tips on how to write an effective article. They are very simple and anyone can follow them. You do not have to to be a professional writer to succeed at this. It does work if you put your mind to it and take action. All you do after you complete the article is put your link at the bottom of the article to you blog site. Then you submit it to an article directory. All article directories are not equal. Three very good article directories recognized by Google are...

    3. Write a blog post everyday because Google looks at every post you write and ping as a separate page. The more pages you have, the more you will be recognized by Google.

    4. Make five comments every day on other peoples blogs. This will also help to get links to your site. Find blogs that are relevant to your content that day, and don't forget to use tags. This tells the search engines the category of your blog. Make a comment and the bottom of their page relevant to what the blog is about and then put your link underneath your comment. They will more than likely have to approve the comment, but as long as your comment is relevant and nothing offensive, then there should be no problem. This is to keep blog from being spammed. There is software that blasts comments out, which is considered to be spam and I do not recommend using this type of software because it could get your blog banned. If you need to find blogs to make comments on, just type in the word "blog" in Google and you will find all sorts of blogs that way.

    Good Luck
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    Quickest way to get traffic is PPC & PPV
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        Originally Posted by Kendall541 View Post

        Great advice from all....answers my question! I'm working on a blog right now and I've got alot of food for thought...

        You should introduce yourself in the main section of the forum for your first post. Did you read the rules?
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    What about pinging new content, new posts etc
    -> FindNewDomains - Domain Finding Service WSO - BONUS: Free Domain Name Included!
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    Darren Rowse, also known as ProBlogger, shares how
    he uses social networking sites to drive traffic to his
    blogs in this video:


    Did You Realize That The Majority Of Launches FAIL?
    Here's how to do a wildly successful launch!

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    social bookmarking is a must
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      wow thanks everyone, I'm going to start doing all of this today, and everyday to see how it works out.

      I'm hoping that I can start getting ranked for the keywords I want.

      Thanks Again!

      If you have more Ideas keep them coming!
      Signature I'm apart of a non-profit organization! Come check us out!
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