Fuelling marketing growth with webinars

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Fire up LinkedIn, and you probably might have come across a webinar invite. Webinars have been hosted by influencers and experts from all over the world with attendees joining in from different locations.

Webinars are key for B2B marketers, in particular, because:

They are convenient

Anyone can host a webinar anytime. All you need is a laptop, a video conferencing app, a good microphone, and working internet connection, and you're off to start. People can join in your webinar wherever, and if a participant misses out, they can access the pre-recorded webinar online.

They help establish authority and credibility

Hosting a webinar lets people watch and understand your concepts and insights, while also bringing in different perspectives together especially if you enable sidebar commenting.

They are cost-effective

Traditional face to face seminars often face tough logistical challenges, particularly when looking for a venue (if you're a host) or getting to the venue (if you're an attendee). In contrast, webinars are inexpensive and may even be available for free. Hosting a webinar won't hurt your budget, as most often all you'll need is a capable conferencing app, decent internet connection, and a PC.

They help drive engagement

Webinars helps you get to know your prospect, especially when they are given the chance to interact and ask questions. You then can further understand key points such as their pain points and expectations.

What if we at Warrior Forum hosts a webinar in the future? What would you like us to talk about?
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    Hey WF- Enzo
    I would like to see a webinar on Warrior Forum. I would like to know about the utilization of Social Media Platform for Brand Promotion.
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