How I got a $54,930 deal (Here is HOW)

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This article is all about PROOF and hard work.

This is high-level stuff, this is about fundamentals in marketing. Don't take this lightly, please.

Let me give you this straight up:

In your marketing, if you showed nothing but


that your stuff works and is VERY beneficial to your clients (and that the right people would see it), you would be killing it.

Trust me, I know.

I got this $54,9K deal because of proof of what I was able to do for them (this was about creating marketing materials so that they can sell something worth of millions). They told me this that they tracked me down after they saw my materials from a previous large project that I did for another client.

Here is what you need:

You need a "vehicle". You need to show that your "vehicle" works, like crazy... And that your "vehicle" is worth 10x, 100x or even 1000x what they pay for.

What you first need is a way to show that what you do, actually works, REALLY GOOD. That can be a video, graphics, statistics, reviews, testimonials, text, etc. Anything that they would go with "wow, I want it".

Social proof. If people buy from you in a group environment, it creates trust in that group and their members.

But proof does not kill it alone.

Yes, you need the right audience to see it. The right pair of eyeballs with the right intention is the key to success here.

If you tried to sell cat food to a person who is looking for tv, you would probably not succeed.

The right audience is everything.

In promotions, testimonials from customers work wonders. And testimonials are good more complex products that cannot be seen "at one glance".
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