YouTube Premium squares up Spotify's paid subscription

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Spotify is arguably the top music subscription service. As the original big music streaming service, its huge library caters to pretty much everyone else. Plus users can opt for either an ad-based, free version with limited skips, or pay for an ad-free listening experience.

And there's a pretty new entrant to the music subscription show - YouTube Premium. Okay, so it isn't really a music subscription per se because YouTube after all has videos. But YouTube also has official music videos, live concert versions of your favourite single, fan-uploaded songs, and all other music normally not found on Spotify.

Do you think YouTube can shakeup Spotify and other music subscription services, or will it fail miserably?
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  • If done right, it can't fail really. I mean, YouTube has the platform. It has the people. It has the brains behind it. It has the data. It has a chance.
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