Any experience with selling leads from funnel?

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Yooo Warriors,
First time writing here...

So, I'm currently re-building a funnel that's selling
info products (e-books about programming).

And at the moment I have a dilemma...

Right now my front-end offer is a book package for 11$
the OTO is a bigger bundle for 48$

And there is where I'm stuck. I would love to have a better product to offer at least around 200$ish.
However, I'm not the creator of these books (I've bought them from a ghost rider).

The options I thought about:
1. Selling a physical product (such as keyboard and mouse, computer screen)
2. Selling a branded t-shirt (which is not a high-value product but it's an option)
3. Selling leads to someone. (with that option I have no experience)

So, I would love to get 2 things from this thread.

1 - What is your opinion, does a potential client who've bought e-book bundle will buy a shirt or a physical product?

2 - If you have experience with selling leads online - in my example it will be for someone who offers programming courses.
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    Why not just hire your ghost writer to write your upsell for you.

    Personally I would not buy a tee shirt from someone selling info products or computer equipment for that matter. Although, you could link to product reviews inside your info products and promote affiliate products that would be beneficial to your customers.

    As far as selling leads you should head over to the email marketing section of the forum and read some of the threads on solo ads


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    I've been generating and selling leads since 1997/98.

    However, I have no idea of the value / demand for the leads you would be producing.

    Programming isn't vertical (niche) that I have any experience or interest in.

    If you are any good at generating cost-effective traffic, generating / selling leads can be a highly profitable business. I've made more money doing it than those not in the business would ever believe.

    But you have to be able to produce quality leads, so it needs to be good traffic at the same time. Which then lead buyers will want more volume than you can produce and will pay top dollar for them.
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    I'd recommend making the very best course you can, and selling it by webinar for at least $500 or $1k.

    As for selling leads . . . yes, fresh or aged leads can be sold, usually in bulk. Have a look at the FaceBook lead selling forum for info.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hey ShawnsAdvice,

    A great upsell you can make is to get your ebook transcribed into audio and sell it for around $97. A lot of people don't get round to reading ebooks, and if they're offered the audio book as an upsell a % of those people will likely take you up on it. It also has higher perceived value than an ebook and is easy to create.

    Hope that helps!
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    Originally Posted by ShawnsAdvice View Post

    However, I'm not the creator of these books (I've bought them from a ghost rider).
    Did you buy them from Nicholas Cage?

    Sorry... I just had to go there.

    Why not find a higher ticket affiliate program you can
    upsell/backend sell to those who bought your lower priced

    Doesn't have to be your product/service as you've shown...
    if you find an affiliate offer that's higher ticket.

    But honestly, why not try any of your ideas, to see what works.

    Often times, trying it and testing it out yourself will give you the
    only definite answer as to what will work.
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