What can I upsell to email subscribers in poker niche?

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Hey everyone,

I'm working on a lead gen funnel in beginner poker niche, and I'm looking for some wise ideas on how I could get some quick return on investment from my subscribers.

Currently, I do paid social traffic offering a free ebook and my target is CA & UK mobile users. My list is now 55 subscribers (yaayyy lol) and cost per optin around 1$ after some optimizations.

At the moment I'm offering red chip poker training program subscription on the thank you page (core $5 weekly, or pro $50/monthly). The CTR is around 25%, so far no sales, but of course it's too early to tell.

However, I have a feeling that traffic is too cold for this kind of offer. Plus, I'm waiting to be accepted for another similar program (tho it has best reviews online) for which I will do an email sequence. So, I'm afraid this may also be confusing to the end-user (i.e. promoting X training on thank you page, then Y program in emails).

I've been searching for some easy offers around a lot, but only found a couple - 1. flexoffers - free video poker plays ($0.8 commission if someone plays 100+ hands), but the site is not mobile friendly, so no-go. 2) there was something similar on Addiliate, but again not for mobile.

If I cannot find anything decent, I'm thinking three ways:
1. Publish some "best apps/sites/books/whatever for poker players" with affiliate links and feature them on thank you page.
2. Offer training program I originally had in mind and continue to promote them via email sequence.
3. Push particular poker/casino rooms right away.

What do you guys and girls think? Any opinion or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm a beginner in this and eng is not my native language, so please excuse me if something isn't clear enough.
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