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"Did you know there's a new cafe just a few blocks away?" is what I'd tell my friend whenever I discover a new coffee chain. And then that friend visits said store, uploads an Instagram story, people will see such Instagram story, said Instagram story creates a buzz, and these people will then flock to that coffee chain. That's buzz marketing exemplified.

Okay, so for those in the know, buzz marketing is a strategy used by marketers to capture consumer interest with word of mouth as the primary medium. It is technically a subset of viral marketing, but used very differently. In buzz marketing, consumers get hyped about a product or service, and the original marketing message is amplified, which then creates a wave of emotion or excitement.

Today, social media is the engine of buzz marketing, and there are multiple conversations about different topics all over social networks. Tweets quickly get retweeted, and people instantly respond with comments. An Instagram post is shared as a story and people react to it.

Effective buzz marketing campaigns are not just visible across all social media channels, but also through offline channels - posters and fliers, to name a few. They leverage humour or emotions to appeal to the target audience, which then will generate varying discussions.
Best example: Super Bowl commercials.

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    Lightning marketing is a subset of viral marketing and word of mouth marketing. A lightning is a trigger that results in word of mouth marketing. It could be an idea, a phrase, a tagline, logo, a mascot, an ad, or any other trigger that forces people to talk about the brand or its product.
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