Business models for profitable needs

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What would you do?

So I've done keyword research and found these lucrative Keywords:

Keyword #1:
Search Vol. 1000 - 10000 / Month
Comp. Low
1,36 € Low
5,11 € High

Keyword #2:
Search Vol. 100 - 1000 / Month
Comp. Low
2,18 € Low
4,54 € High

1) Which keyword would you focus on? The one with more search volume?

2) Business Model
Idea 1:
Building a 6-7 page website around the service, direct traffic and leads to an existing real service, charge them per month for that or entirely flip the site (Business Model by Douglas James

Idea 2:
Building a blog with regular content relevant to that niche and talking the adsense revenue.

3) Other ideas?
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