I think that all ads providers are stealing our money

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I run several ads on different ads platform (G FB RED) and I noticed a huge difference on the number of clicks between the platform dashboard and what I receive to my wordpress dashboard, the difference is for exemple like this 167/87 or 17/1 but me, I will pay these clicks and it cost me money for nothing because it's obvious that people haven't see my offers or my pages.

I wan't to add something is that I trust the wordpress stats more because when i visit my website from another location I found exaclty the posts visited.

What do you think about this? did you had the same experience? what is your advices?
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    There are a lot of reasons a visitor may not show up in your analytics. I use Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on so I won't show up in anyone's GA stats.
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    Yes, this is common. Some years ago, a site of mine was averaging 400 visitors a day (excluding robots), but AdSense gave me precisely 4 clicks every day, no more and no less (even though the visitors per day would vary widely). I also know even more certainly that AdSense gives false data, because another site of mine, which I'd abandoned, so the domain no longer existed, continued to give me exactly 1 click every day, for many years after the site no longer exited at all.

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    I think you should just run your ads on opera. With clear analysis on Google over 350 million users access the platform on a monthly basis. I have run ads on opera myself and I have also helped a number of people run ads on opera too.
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    This isn't exactly a new issue

    As programs get smarter, they use increasingly sophisticated page behavior tracking systems.

    Sadly, these are imperfect and can lead to 'small' losses in page actions you could otherwise monetize

    Those pennies can stack up to a huge mountain of cash depending on how big the network is
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    Yes that's the truth...
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