Starting a blog? Here are some pointers

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So, you've decided to venture into the blogsphere. Blogging is arguably one of the most effective ways to increase brand authority. Just writing something about your field of expertise speaks volumes to your clients.

Blog platform

There are many blogging platforms available online - Squarespace,,, Blogger, to name a few. I'm not gonna write down each of their pros and cons, but here are some factors you must consider:
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Pricing - free or paid
  • Monetization options
  • Support

Domain name

Your domain is pretty much is your URL, and will be your branding from there on. If your business name is Acme, your blog URL could be or Something like that.

Theme and design

Your theme and design should conform to your visual identity and system. Most paid blog platforms offer custom themes so you can design away as you deem fit but if you're starting with a free provider, you can always use built-in themes that's closest to your brand guideline.


This is pretty much the meat, and it's what will make or break your blog. As always, your content must be relevant your area of expertise. Filling your blog with media help a lot too.

Those are the most basic points in creating your blog. Now for other matters such as SEO and guest posting, these can be figured out once your have a steady stream of fresh content uploaded to your blog
So do you have a blog? What made you decide to blog? What writing styles would you recommend to blog newbies?
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    Now for other matters such as SEO and guest posting, these can be figured out once your have a steady stream of fresh content uploaded to your blog
    If you are hoping to get traffic from search engines your SEO strategy should be well thought out before you ever write a word.
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    Deep research on the topic you choose, Unique and Interesting titles, attractive template design, sharing your blog in the social media can go long way.
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    I recently got into blogging due to be an autodidact, polymath, and the death of my car (which I used for work).
    I found common links within my interests and the main market I associate with to get started.
    I create all the content, images, videos, podcast, and of course the written posts and designed the website myself on squarespace.

    So far so good very little income at this time, but I've only been going for a month.
    Monetization options include cryptocurrency
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    I have blog that is focused on affiliate marketing and various other aspects for developing and maintaining an internet home business. For the most part it has informational articles and videos from you tube in regards to web hosting, health, general business, SEO, social media, web design. Mostly centered on brain food that is both thought provoking and of course controversial.

    I decided to blog by accident. I started doing affiliat emarketing becuase I learned you can do a business in an area that you like to read about, talk about and of course write about. I am not the best writer however I learned over time I could write about topics that I love and I just continued to write and learn in areas of SEO, home business and affilaite marketing. I continued to learn and write and also put together articles from other authors as well. I just found something I love to do and continued to write about it.

    The only style I would suggest using is using your heart.
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