Amazon affiliates: How long do commissions from third-party sales take to show up?

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I've been an Amazon affiliate for 12 years but there's one thing I never really looked into until now - when you sell items that aren't Amazon warehouse stuff or Fulfilled by Amazon, but fulfilled by third parties, commissions do not show up straight away on your reports. In fact because I had quite a large 3rd-party sale go through recently and was watching my commissions more closely I realised that it's now been over a month and I have still not been paid (well, not paid, that takes another full month - but I mean, for it to at least show up in my commissions).

So has anyone actually studied this to see how long commissions from 3rd-party sales take to show up in your reports, and is there a possibility of not getting paid at all and having to chase it up? It's somewhat intransparent, there should be a 'pending' column or something.
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