Anyone Monetize the Music Niche?

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I'm a huge music addict. I download TONS of music from every single genre. Literally every genre you can think of: rock, foreign, hip hop, country, bluegrass, techno, drum and bass, salsa, opera, jazz, lounge, heavy metal, soft rock, punk, classical, etc. etc. etc.

I'm usually the first one of my friends to start listening to artists which become popular over time. I'll pick up on a band when they're complete nobodies and my friends are all saying "where do you find this weird crap?". A year and a half later, they're buying the bands hottest new single. This happens all the time and I WANT TO PROFIT FROM IT!

So how do you do it? Does anyone here make money from any of the following:
  • An upcoming album release from a POPULAR band/artist
  • An upcoming album release from an UNPOPULAR band/artist
  • An new band or artist which few people know about yet
  • Obscure bands which have been around for a while but never obtained large scale commercial success
  • International artists/bands who are not well known in the U.S.
  • Older bands which are no longer making music, but maybe release a compilation album once in a while.

Warriors, please respond. I know we have lots of music lovers here. Surely one of you is making music on your passion. Steve Wagenheim, you love music. Ever make a buck on "The Cars" ?
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    Music is one of my main niches. There are oodles of ways to monetize it. CDs, Digital Downloads, Ringtones, Sheet Music, Gear, Merch (tshirts and the like), goes on and on.
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    The VP of Operations over at IBM said, "Innovation is the proper use of invention."

    Don't ever be afraid to do something no one else is doing. If you find something no one else is doing and there is actual 'demand', then you've found an actual gold mine if worked correctly.

    Just like Melanied said, " goes on and on."; this is true with any niche. The Internet is the world's playing field leveler when it comes to distribution. (and what is it that these bands you find need more of?)

    I think what you're talking about is called "Music Management"; find an innovative way to marry your IM skills with Music Management... maybe much how some innovative list builders have with the lead generation business.

    The Internet allows traditional business models to minimize their overhead and maximize their bottom line; esp. when it comes to distribution and exposure.

    hope this helps
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