How Do I 'Blend' Video Segments (ie. Smooth Speech Transitions)

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Any video experts, I really appreciate your insights on the

I want to be able memorize one paragraph, then look into the
camera and record, then pause the recording, memorize the next
paragraph, record more...

And in the end... blend it all together it looks all looks like one smooth

I know theres a 'trick' / 'software program' for doing this as I heard
it hinted on at one of Eban Pagen's seminars...

Thanks in advance,
Cory Friedman
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    There's no "trick" necessary, really. Any editing software should allow you to do this, just shoot the entire thing and then edit out the pieces in the middle. I use Sony Vegas, and it would be a snap to do what you want to do. Even Windows Movie Maker should do the trick.
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      You can shoot the whole thing, and if you screw up something just back track a sentence or two or start over again.

      Something to be aware of - ambient background noises. If you do pause for some reason and start up again, be sure your phone is off, the fridge is not making noises, etc so there will be the same ambient sound throughout.

      Continuity - if you move something, you have to be cautious not to move it again.

      You can do a soft transition cross fade effect between segments, or you can also put up title screens between segments.

      For example, I talk about getting a puppy, and that segment is done, and then inject a black panel with "step 2. owning a puppy" and then resume the conversation.

      Visually, you can cut photographs into the video as well.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    You can use VideoSpin. Its free and does a great job.

    Use transitions when necessary and yes be very careful in maintaining continuity.

    Here is one more tip for you if you are recording. You can use a teleprompter so you do not have to memorize anything. Just be familiar with what you need to say and be as natural as possible.

    Here is a free online teleprompter.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks everyone, very helpful advice.

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