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And with this, what's your most effective marketing strategy? How did you make it work? How did your performance fare compared to 2018? What improvements are you looking to make in 2020?
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      Yes, agree specially Tiktok surely rocking in 2020. In my country paid ads to have high ROAS I am exploring tiktok paid and organic function more and more on daily basis.
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    In 2018 I am only focus on facebook and google ads almost 99% of my revenue depend on that in 2018 I am in the content industry instant article and adbreaks makes good money. In 2019 i am in ecommerce and i am earn 99% revenue via facebook paid and instagram organic traffic. In 2020 I will have plan to focus more on tiktok and isntagram. Facebook look very strict and competitive now.
    What guys thinking? What's your plan for 2020?
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    Creating multiple youtube channels but not spreading too thin on youtube, I use other niche video portals but they are a bit underground - not promoted too much but they grow. So video in a nutshell.

    Also buying traffic - as branding and retargeting etc.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    My effective marketing strategy was Facebook and Google Ads. I have gotten so many sign ups from both marketing platforms. I want to start using the advanced methods for Facebook Ads. Because I only used only basic methods to run campaigns. 2020 It's all about using various traffic sources which can be converted into quality leads.
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      Yes! I want to learn more about generating traffic through facebook because I'm still currently learning about the tips and tricks to make it in this marketing world.
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    2018 was all about product promotion and 2019 was nothing new. My next plan is to plan a better content strategy for 2020 and look upon factors such as voice searches and mobile friendly pages.

    Just keeping it simple, nothing fancy.
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    My plan its to grow my email list as much as i can and to run it on automation .I like emailarketing because of automation you can set some follow up mesages and the auroresponder will make all the job for you
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    Create android info apps with high quality content and bring traffic to them via Google ads. This works for me since last 3 years and i will continue to work on the same in 2020 also.
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    I don't know why, but my 'business' year start in September. Everybody likes to set some goals or to review the past year's results exactly on the New Year, but for me, the new business year always starts September.

    We always want to improve our business and make more money in the following years, but it's easier to say or to think than to actually do it

    My dream is to reach $20k monthly profits, so in 2020 it's my goal, maybe to someone it sounds not realistic, but hey we need to think big, right?

    I am heavily interested and collecting info about amazon FBA, so in the following years my goal is to start amazon FBA business as my main income stream and reach my profit goal!
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    I would consider amplifying the posting frequency on all my social media accounts. Since next year's people will be more digitally inclined, intensifying your presence on the internet can come in handy.
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    The effective marketing strategy that I used was building backlinks through posts on various forums. I didn't see their effects until a few months after I started posting backlinks. I am going to start in a new direction in 2020. I am going to begin in the forte of 1-2 liners ads along with Off-page SEO that I currently do.
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    Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post

    And with this, what's your most effective marketing strategy? What improvements are you looking to make in 2020?
    Biggest difference this year from last year. I started selling more stuff on Ebay than in the past thanks to a thread in the Path Forum.

    2020 will have a different approach all together. Filed with the state of N.J. a new business and have a new federal tax identification number. Picked up a domain for the website on Black Friday to take advantage of the sales.
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