Places to post reviews?

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Hi there fellow warriors, I have to admit that I have neglected this forum of late but I have been very busy. One of the things I am focusing on at the moment is posting reviews of the business I'm involved with, which is a hairdressers. I know that as a personal assistant I am doing something a little different to what most of you are, but I still need to market this business on the internet.

Now I am searching for online sources to post customer reviews on, I do know that I can search for hairdressing forums and online magazines etc related to this industry, but can any of you wise warriors add anything here? I know that a lot of people use blogs to do reviews, however at this stage I must stick to free options and will look at outlaying money for marketing later. Any advice that any warriors can give me here would be very much appreciated, and I hope that I can return the favour soon
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