Getting Affiliates to promote your Product.

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Hi Guys, how best can one connect with Super Affiliates to get them promote your products? I have great products in the Keto Diet Niche, my problem is getting Affiliates who can help in promoting the product.

I would appreciate your response guys.
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    In order to get super affiliates to promote it they first have to be sure the product is worth their time to promote. Super affiliates get to that level because they invest heavily into promotional methods that are free and paid. Your product has to be able to offer a good return on that investment and should already have a certain degree of buzz to it.
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    Probably one of the best ways to attract super affiliates is to watch leaders boards. Find contests in your niche and join them promoting the product and watch the top spots. Even if you don't win you will know who the big players are. Then you can do a little research and friend or interact with them. Promote their products if they have any before you ask them to promote yours.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Without a well prepared product launch, you will not attract super affiliates.

    Super affiliates hangout on websites like . If your products don't come up in the launch announcements, then super affiliates won't be promoting them.
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    Here is another little tip that might help you get affiliates, not just super affiliates.

    OFFER 100% COMMISSION FOR A SPECIAL PROJECT. Why not take this one step further and offer all the sales proceeds to your affiliates for a short period of time. This is certain to get interest.

    Why would YOU do this? It's simple: you build a list of leads and customers to offer "backend" products and services to (think funnel here). You sacrifice some initial profit to gain even more profit after that first sale ... and you've got new leads/customers you can profit from for an extended period of time.

    As I mentioned before join your competitions leader boards, or JV pages in your niche. Another thing you can do is set up an affiliate program on your website, this will also help in recruiting affiliate's. You also need to educate your affiliates and provide banners, text, images, and possible marketing tools like an exit pop that affiliates can easily add their link into then add the code to their own sites.
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    Make it worth their while.

    Make sure you're giving enough commission and give all the tools needed.

    Connect to affiliates and talk to them one on one.

    That's a tough niche. It will be hard to convince affiliates to ditch their other offers to promote yours. I hope you're paying a very high commission.
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    Do you put your offer on clickbank ,jvzoo etc ?
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    If you are going to try and recruit super affiliates to promote your offer. You need to fully test the offer and have all aspects dialed in and be able to show that it's a high converting offer and have the stats to back it up? Just offering a high commission isn't going to cut it because if it doesn't convert well, then regardless of what the payout is, it's probably not worth promoting.

    I'm what is considered a super affiliate. I have what I've always termed opportunity costs. During any given day/week I can only promote a certain number of offers. So I'm obviously going to promote those that have proven to produce the greatest ROI ... will provide me with the best opportunity to make the most amount of money.

    I get contacted frequently by those wanting me to promote their offers. If they can't convince me that it is worth testing (worth risking my opportunity cost) then I tell them I will run a test on CPM. Assuming I feel it's even worth testing (I think it has a chance of performing well for them) and by doing CPM, I'm at least guaranteed a return. Of course, this is quite often not acceptable, as they want me to bear all the risks of testing their unproven offer. Which shows the lack of confidence in their own offer.
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    Where is it possible to contact them and propose them a good offer?
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  • Be very careful with affiliates. You cannot control what they say. They are like salesman. In that they will say anything to get the money. That can damage your brand.
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  • All great comments on this. Also, a lot of them are in to reciprocation. Not a must...but it helps.


    'A real friend will stab you in the front'

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    Try Clickbank. Sounds like it'd make a good clickbank product. Jvzoo and Warrior Plus are for MMO niche. So, I doubt you'll get any takers there.
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    This is truly a case of not what you know, but who you know. You need to network

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  • Always overlooked, networking and attending affiliate conferences helps to meet the right affiliates.
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  • Go onto YouTube, find affiliates in your niche who have a good sized following and send them a message. Offer them a review copy, and a competitive compensation plan.
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    Originally Posted by raybiztutor View Post

    Hi Guys, how best can one connect with Super Affiliates to get them promote your products? I have great products in the Keto Diet Niche, my problem is getting Affiliates who can help in promoting the product.

    I would appreciate your response guys.
    If it converts they will come to you my friend.
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    Use lots of proof elements in your affiliate resource area. Show that your offer converts on a wide array of traffic sources. Screenshots are good, video recordings of you logging in and going through stats is even better,
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