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Hey you great people, hope your doing well.

I was playing around with buying paid banner ads for my website, one site i spent £500 on advertising and it converted me £725 in sales. I wanted to know the best way to scale this up is. Do i now spend £1000 on banner ads on the same site or could this fail? I really need some advice on how to scale up my marketing to increase profits and continually increase them.

Any advice you can give i would be very thankful for please, as i always get stuck with this. No books or online research can help as i suppose it is all trial and error. I do not really want to buy banner ads on a different site just yet, as i would need to track how each site is performing to avoid wasting any money.

Many thanks for reading.
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    Well congratulation for your succes ,me i try banner ads but don't work so good .If that banner ad work in that niche work then spend in the same thing because maybe if you change maybe it cannot work .Also i think you should not spend so much as you can loose that 1000 i would advise you to spend a small amout to see how it work if it works good then invest big money
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    One of the first things I would ask myself is Can I Improve The Banner to convert better? That is where I would put my profits while doing the same thing before trying a new traffic trick. Once you get the banner ad converting (making as much money as you can squeeze out of it) then I would look to adding that banner on new sites.
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    The best answer to your question would be to try A/B testing of your Ads if you haven't already.
    That way you'd be able to improve the conversion efficiency of your banner ad. which means you'd still spend $500 and gain more than $725.

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    For some reason banner ads never worked for me that well. What I would say to you is do what you can to understand why they worked on the site you used them for and then find similar sites. I know you said you don't want to do this, but I feel it's needed. The reason for this is because you can't assume that by simply putting more money into the same site it will generate even more income. Of course if you know the site gets a ton of unique visitors each day to where you can easily exhaust it, then milk it for all it's worth until something changes.
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    Don't increase your spend yet. Spend another $500 and see if you can generate a profit again. You want to have enough data and stats to make sure this success is duplicatable over a large enough sample size.

    If you have similar success with 500 again, try it with 50% more, or 750. If you have success again, try it with 1200.
    If still success, spend another 1200 and put another 250 to a second ad.

    Id rather try to improve and beat an ad that's working, rather than one you're not sure whether it's a fluke or a winner.

    If you want to create a second ad and try to beat the first, use a smaller spend on the second and see if you can get a 45% return like your current ad, but I wouldn't take money away from what's working now, and you always want to manage your bankroll.

    Never get too excited over really good results or really bad ones. Stay disciplined and scientific, and stay on budget, so even if things don't go as planned, you're not surprised and you're not crippled.
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    I would definitely do some A/B testing on the same site before I rolled out onto other sites. Try 3-4 different banners and figure out which one converts the best, and then use that banner on 2-3 other websites. Never stop testing and tweaking. Always have an A/B test going on so you can keep improving your clicks and conversion rates.
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    Your future action depends on the marketing method you are using too. Are you promoting sales page or are capturing leads and can monetize your list in back-end?
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    The marketing goal in a startup is to help or lead the search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Marketing efforts are often focussed on discovering the 'engine of growth' for the business.
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