What digital marketing strategy would you use with a certification company?

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I was recently hired by a company that does ISO certifications to build their online strategy and get new clients through digital marketing.
What they do: they certify companies for all ISO norms. Companies range from small to large businesses, and contracts usually are up to 6-7000 $ with the contract being renewed every year, so they are high ticket customers. The usual way of getting clients for these companies is through networking.
My strategy at the moment is to focus on PPC (google adwords) with a landing page and a call to action to call for a quote to get certified or get more information. Also, focus on linkedin marketing through group posting and contacting ISO consultants. I also want to work on their SEO as a long term plan.
What are your advices? What strategy would you use? Anybody had this type of client before?
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    I have never had such a kind of client before but I can tell you that you are thinking in the right direction. In fact, I would follow your advice on how to do SEO, once I need it.
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    You'd be better off, in terms of RETURN ON EFFORT, promoting such specialized services through CONTENT MARKETING paired up with LinkedIn outreach

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    Hey samsam33310,

    ISO certifications seem to be perfect for LinkedIn paid ads.

    Target CEO's and the C-Suite, but go for the smaller companies (<50 people) as those are usually a lot more agile, which means you'll be closing deals faster this way.

    Do add a Facebook pixel to your landing page to retarget visitors, because LinkedIn ads are super expensive (expect CPC's above 3-6$ for your ISO certification niche), so Facebook will be way you'll close those leads that didn't input their information the first time.

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    I see that you have studied a little bit this question, but I want to say that I would rather ask help from somebody who's in the field for a long time. Don't want to say anything bad in your address, but I've seen thousand times how people were telling me that they can promote their own business by themselves, and every single time they had returned. It's all about the experience. A good SEO company knows almost everything about promotion, and they have more than 3 ways of promotion designed specially for you. If you don't believe me, you can find by yourself some information about unique and specialized digital marketing services and you will see how a real professional is working
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    I think LinkedIn is a great free way how to do it properly! Some of ours BIG clients comes from LinkedIn but rest is our "secret traffic sauce" lol
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