Looking for "Offline niche" PLR, Articles, and Affiliate Programs

by Michael Chris 4 replies
I am looking for PLR, Reprint Articles, Products, and Affiliate Programs in the "offline niche" along the same line as Offline Gold and Make 10 K in a Weekend. Meaning... Internet Marketers marketing their services to Offline business owners.

My purpose is to market to the Internet Marketers and provide them resources to help them market to the Offline Businesses. So, it could be anything that would help them do that. For example, just to take PLR as an example... it could be PLR articles meant to explain and encourage the idea of marketing to offline business owners or PLR meant for them to reuse in their marketing.

Anything even loosely related is a welcome suggestion.

Okay, it's after 2 am here, so hopefully that made some sense.

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    I think I understand what you mean.

    On the aspect of providing material to marketers targetting small business owners the market is wide open.

    I provide material myself, but can only do so much, as I have so much to do and so little time to devote to it.

    I have members of my forum that provide services that help as well, and some even provide some nice wordpress themes as well. Not everyone in the niche are super technical, so having some premade themes are a good thing.

    What you CAN do though, is take already existing PLR books(ones you have full rights to) and edit them to fit the niche. Rewrite them knowing that that product will be given to offline buisiness owners and used as a teaching guide on the importance of any given topic.

    Offline marketers can use these products to help educate offline biz owners on the importance of being online, or better yet, for those owners with a site that is not effective...showing them the potential of having an effective site.

    Not sure if that makes any sense at all.

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    Hi Michael,

    I currently provide content for some people on a coaching program I run and I'm also in the process of creating a database of relevant small business and offline gold marketing content that I provide them.

    Release date is around the corner and if you PM or email me I will remember to keep you posted.

    Courses That Change Lives - Online Courses
    HELP WANTED: I’m planning on creating an online course on "How to Create a Profitable Online Course" for coaches and need some people willing to do a quick 15 min market research phone call with me.
    PM me if you want to take part or know anyone who can potentially help (Nothing to buy or sell).
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