They're Not Thinking in Terms of Money- Getting Rid of "Stuff"

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I'm helping my parents move (into a smaller house) and I'm looking around at all of the stuff they're going to throw out in the basement and I'm thinking about trying to sell it on Craigslist to make some extra money. These things range from small collectibles to a perfectly good dining room table and wing back chair.

I ask them "why don't you put an ad up on Craigslist and sell all this stuff?"

Their answer: "We don't have time, we don't want strangers in our house,etc..." (They're moving Wednesday in case you're wondering) Why are they throwing out things which are in good condition and can be sold within a day or two? I know they just want to get rid of it but this is essentially throwing away money.

I'm almost tempted to write the ads, I haven't ever sold something through Craigslist. What do you think?
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    Package everything they don't want up, bring it to your place, and sell it. When I lived on a military housing base in my teens, my garages (more than one) were FULL of stuff in rotation because people didn't "have the time" and just gave it to me for free or for extremely cheap. What I didn't sell on craigslist went on eBay, or I held until mid-summer and sold at a big garage sale. It's worth the time. I've got couches, full dining room sets, pool tables, tons of stuff for free and sold within 24 hours and made some nice money.

    I say go for it, and split the money with them.
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    There are people that make a living selling stuff other can't be bothered with on Craigs list; if you don't do it, look for someone that will and split the proceeds...on Craigs List. Lol
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    Yup. Do it. If anything it'll give you a lesson on what works on craigslist and what doesn't...just the experience would be worth the attempt.


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      Time verses Money verses Convenience
      Often it is not worth the time and emotional effort to sell things.
      People who do not need the money, may not want to spend the emotional energy selling things.
      Some people who could use the money, may not want the emotional drain of having to deal with sales. Sales, strangers in your home as you mentioned turn of many.

      If you have the time and desire, you could either help them make some money or they could help you by giving your the stuff to sell --- OR just donate it to a worthy cause and help someone else.
      Bob Hale
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        Good points Bob. I was thinking the same thing with my post but didn't know how to say it.

        Well, put up the ads and already have a person emailing me interested the big antique wing back chair, I may make a bit of cash from that alone (I've checked the price with listings on eBay to make sure I'm not ripping anyone off or setting it too low) That was fast.

        And I'm donating the crutches and a few other things to charity.
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