Question about Joint Venturing and how to split profits?

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Hi Warriors-

I and a friend of mine are creating an info/Video series. We want to split our sales 50/50. I think we will probably use Clickbank to sell our product on. (We might just use Paypal.) What I am trying to figure out is how can we have the sales split so we each get 50/50. Also how would we make sure are affiliate are getting paid as well for the sale and then 50/50 goes to us.

Is it possible to have an Affiliate program if we used paypal? I am guessing this might be a bit easier through Clickbank. I have not used Clickbank for selling yet. I have just used it as an Affiliate.

Thank You for any help or suggestions.

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    I do this using my amember integration- the amember system along with a "joint venture plugin" keeps track of the JV $. Then clickbank handles your affiliates.
    I think amember for selling a single product, 1x payment is overkilll though.

    I think 1shopping cart may also have some of these functions already built in- eg higher split for super affiliates etc..

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