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Without fail over the years one of the biggest issues I've heard from people is that they don't know how to create enough content to keep people coming back to their websites. In a recent blog post, I put forth some ideas on how to get an unlimited amount of content for any niche.

Here's an excerpt...


One of the easiest ways to create content is to filter out the "noise" and present the information people want to find in an easy to understand format. You don't have to create it. All you have to do is find and publish it for the people (most of the population) who can't find it for themselves.

Niche content creation doesn't ever need to be any harder than that which leads me to the first type of content you can create...

Coherence - Thank you for finding it for me

Coherence is all about convenience. What is it that your target market is doing right now that you could make easier? An easy way to figure this out is to visit message boards that your potential customers visit.

Pay attention to what people are asking about. The problems they have... etc. And if you're a part of the market you're trying to reach ask yourself questions about what you would like someone to create to make your life in that niche easier.

An example of this would be to create a resource site filled with information people in your target market would normally have to spend a lot of their time searching for.

Take a look at a couple of my previous posts...

Article Marketing Resources
Copywriting Resources

I put both of those lists together with the idea that people in my target market are looking for information related to both topics. By organizing that information for my market I'm saving them the time it would take to search out that information on their own. Doing that delivers value to them even though I didn't personally create any of the resources I'm linking to.

Creating valuable content can be as simple as organizing someone else's content. You don't need to be an expert to put together "Coherence" based content because it's just the organization of information (created by others) centering around a specific topic.

Any coherence based content you create is very appealing to just about any niche market because people want what they want right now with the minimum amount of time spent searching. The more information you can gather on a central theme, the more value you provide to your visitors.

A valuable resource site is also "non-threatening" to other business owners so it should be easy to get exposure from a lot of different sources. This is one way to create a website that develops its own source of self-replicating traffic. Word of mouth advertising from other website owners is the best kind of traffic you can get.

It instantly identifies you as an authority in your niche.

You're the go to guy (or gal) for relevant niche information.

You Gotta Make 'Em Stick

The basic idea behind "Coherence" as a content tool is that you have to spend time finding information and resources of interest to your target market so they don't have to. By becoming the go to source for their niche information fix you create a "sticky" site people return to over and over again.

The more times you can get a single person to return to your site, the more chances you have to get them to buy something to subsidize the time and effort you put into gathering content for them.

Places to help you gather niche content...

A Consumer's Guide To Search Engines
(Arm yourself with boolean logic and strengthen your search strategy.)

Finding Data On The Internet
(You'll soon be checking facts and downloading reputable data on everything from public safety to campaign contributions.)

Google Guide - Making Searching Even Easier
(An online interactive tutorial and reference for experienced users, novices, and everyone in between.)

Google Tip Sheet For Finding Content - PDF Format
(Gives you tips on use Google's tools to find the content you want.)

How To Search The Social Web - Ultimate Toolkit
(How to find content listed on social media sites. Social media sites contain niche specific and relevant information people are talking about right now.)

Pandia Search Central
(Pandia claims to have all you need to know about search engines, Internet searching and search engine marketing)

The Search Page - If You Don't Know Where To Start Searching
(A directory or hot list of 200+ hyperlinks for people who want to search the Internet but don't have a clue where to start.)

UC Berkeley - Finding Information On The Internet
(The substance of the web searching workshops formerly offered by the UC Berkeley.)

Unofficial Google Advanced Search
(An in-depth but unofficial look at how to exploit Google's search features.)

Web Search 101: How To Search The Web
(Learn how to search the Web faster, make your Web searches more efficient.)

If you want to know what people are looking for check out my article marketing resources page to discover trends people are leaning towards.

One of the main reasons people in niche markets can't find what they're looking for is because they don't know how to look for it. Once you become proficient at finding hard to find content people want, you become valuable to other people.

It's worth it to learn how to find content.

Found content is content you don't have to pay someone to create.
The average Internet surfer (your potential customers) only know how to do surface searches. They don't know how to dig for the real gold so if you can show them that you can unearth the gold they're looking for, you'll become their go to source of information. That automatically imbues you with credibility that can translate into increase sales of the products you recommend.

Coherence: Organize specific content for your audience. If you have more time than money but still want to provide value to your audience, that's the way to go. Always remember that when you provide convenience to people you are providing them with value.

You Can Even Sell The Information You Gather

A product is simply something that one person has created that another person finds enough value in to trade something of value (money) for. That's all it is. Commerce is the exchange of value. Providing people with a convenient source of information has value and you can sell that value (in terms of time saved) for cold hard cash.

Take a look at this site for example...

How To Get A Checking Account Even If You've Been Turned Down Already

I found out about that site from Alexis Dawes over at "How To Find Desperate Buyers For Your Products". The product she put together was based on something people in a specific niche wanted. She didn't create the information. She simply organized it into a convenient format.

Another example is Angela's Backlink Packets in the WSO forum. Her product is based on something that other people find valuable but can't easily find on their own. Products of these kind are everywhere if you're looking.

There are so many ways to get content that it boggles the mind. Anything you find that other people want but can't easily find has value.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Anthony Stillwell
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    Thanks. It was insightful..

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    Thanks for he info, thats like a free wso worth of content right there. You can always turn it into a free pdf and give it away to build a list.
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    Thanks, I'm glad you got something out of it. Right now I'm working on delving into more ways to get website content since this is an issue that many people are interested in. Website content and traffic go hand in hand so there are many ways to use content to build your business.
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