What program for marketing should I use?

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Hey all,

I joined an online business and obtained over 800 marketing title software, ebooks, and pdf's. I want to start a site, maybe a membership site, to sell the products.

Can someone recommend a program to me, that they are actually using, which could help me get this project off the ground?

I have heard about the butterfly marketing script, are there any others?

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    It depends on what your niche is, where and how you're intending to advertise and what facilities achieving those goals requires.

    Obviously just having a bunch of stuff to offer isn't going to make you any money, so if you're clear about how you're going to access your target market that should highlight what you need. For example if you've planned some JVs in your niche, then a system which allows for JV promotional codes and OTO commissions might be what you need.
    If you're promoting to your own list then you may just need a simple delivery system like a protected directory on your server.

    So, have a think about how you're intending to address your target market and it should give you some ideas about what your delivery system requires.


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    amember will do the work, if you're creating a membership site.
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    I agree with Andy and Chris.

    Filling up your hard drive with ebooks and software will not necessarily mean any profit for you. Much of this stuff is free anyways by doing a simple search. The key is acquiring MRR or PLR's that actually are unique and offer value, and are fresh on the market. Offering products that are old and been around forever will be a dud of a membership site.
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      Originally Posted by roguemarketer View Post

      The key is acquiring MRR or PLR's that actually are unique and offer value, and are fresh on the market.
      I'm not sure that's what I said ....

      First work out who you're selling to, THEN find the product that your market needs/wants be it PLR or not.

      Even if your product is one that everyone else is selling, if you understand your market better than your competition and then package the product up in a unique way (a combination of what you are selling and how you are selling it) that better meets the needs and desires of your market you can be successful.
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        buying all sorts of softare to start of with is great but not great if your not usre how to market & what to do with it, especially for your not making money?

        find out what you want to sell? whats good to sell?

        your target market?

        & devise a marketing strategy.
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