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I heard a podcast with Tyler Haney about how she came up with her tide for her company (Outdoor Voices) and how she got it going.

I am 100% sure you will find it interesting and useful.

Here's the link:

Interestingly? she did not come up with the idea that she wanted to make money but with the idea that sport outfits companies are not making clothes for a particular type of person.

If you're new(ish) you can get a lot out of this interview.
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    Thanks for the share, This could definitely be helpful to new Warriors who are wanting to get started on the right foot.
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    Loved this quote from Tyler Haney, "Strong is not a body condition, it is a state of mind."
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    Let these strategies help you achieve the goal of building a successful business.
    Start with a detailed plan. ...
    Understand your consumer base. ...
    Observe competing businesses. ...
    Be visible and network. ...
    Make use of traditional and modern marketing methods. ...
    Stay updated. ...
    Further reading on building a successful business.
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    Lets start with this:

    THIS resonates with me on a whole lot of levels. I personally do a LOT of things.. I build Websites, I do CRO, I do SEO, I do Printing, I do Vinyl, I do Content creation, I do Construction, I started to develop a micro greens business, I sell on eBay, I do Woodworking... and on and on and on. On the outside looking in, it looks scattered. The reality is I have a tendency of doing ONE thing to a degree of proficiency before I jump to the next.

    So why did the advice work? Struthless lays out 4 deciding factors:
    1. Quantity Leads To Quality
    2. Promotes Constraints For Creativity
    3. Action Comes Before Motivation
    4. Remove "Thinking" As A Form Of Procrastination

    QUANTITY Leads to Quality... I cant even begin to say enough about this. IF you decide you are going to build websites as a service... A paying clients site had not be the first site you have ever built. You would be doing YOU and your client a HUGE dis-service in doing so. BUILD sites... its that simple. over and over build "pretend" sites using something like WMP or XAMPP. learn what it takes to program CSS, PHP, and Javascript within the wordpress environment ( as an example )

    Constraints for Creativity... with the above example focus on ONE THEME. Learn that theme up one side down the other. As a "Professional" web designer I only use 3 and sometimes a 4th theme. I have built 100's if not 1000's with each of these.. what do you think me and my teams proficiency for each of these is? ( and this directly relates back to QUANTITY )

    Action Comes Before Motivation This is HUGE. I think its super easy to fall onto step 4... planning planning and more planning, gets you where? Identifying ( a gap ) and jumping in and initially scoping potential and then doing... before there is a real planned course I think is critical. Do first, think later... especially in the early stages when "Doing" is generally "FREE" and the only cost is time.

    Remove "Thinking" As A Form Of Procrastination Done it, do it, been there, will be there again... without question I have gotten better at over the years ( the switch from having an idea to action of the idea ) The faster you start acting is the faster you will understand if the idea has legs or needs to be shelved and move onto the next one. A common phrase that I associate to this is "If you started that a year ago where would you be today?"

    Like Tyler states in the audio... doing doing doing. Wasn't willing to give up. Quickly understood the importance of "Community". And only progressed on a as needed basis vs trying to plan the whole thing out at once.

    I Again can associate with the podcast in terms of the amount of education involved. I say "There are 2 states of being, Learning and Doing" And this talk exemplifies this. I strongly believe there is a clear separation between "Learning" and "Researching" and it may sound like semantics to a point.. but one "Learns" to do something, and someone "Researches" to figure out if it is something they should do.

    My overall thought is pre-planning is usually a waste of time... how often do things come together as planned? Even in the world of construction that is dictated by clearly drawn plans ( blueprints ) there is inevitably going to be a change. Adapting to Change, needs to be short of thoughtless, you can ALWAYS redirect as needed.

    Using Tyler's story as an example. She is making pitches to dominantly Men, that simply did not get the message. She didn't change the message, she changed who the message was coming from ( Wives, Girlfriends, workers ) around the people she was communicating with - BIG stuff.

    Looking at both the video and the podcast, they share some similarities. The 4 steps were followed. Over and over In Tylers Podcast Tights and a Crop Top are mentioned over and over. THIS is constraint - even looking at her current line up of clothing 6 years later... Yes there are additions, but not to many. The success here, and anyone that has read any amount of my posts might be familiar with what I am about to say... Her success came from JOINING. I would suggest that the relationship with Struthless had with his now former boss.. would be joining as well. all in all great stuff

    Another thing that caught my attention and occurred in both cases, the video I shared and in the podcast. BOTH cases these people held full time jobs, and pursued success on the side. You will know... as in Know Know when its time to part ways and go full time. You sleep 8 hours a day.. you work 10 hours a day ( including commute time ) WHAT are you doing the remaining 6 hours? "If you started that a year ago where would you be today?"
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    It's a state of mind.
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      What is a state of mind? A company? My left toe? Something else?

      Originally Posted by Alexana View Post

      It's a state of mind.
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    I'll listen to it later tonight. Thanks for the share. Knowledge is power. Always willing to learning things to help me do better.
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    Right, it's always a state of mind. And of course persistence.
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      What is a state of mind?

      Tyler did more than just persist.

      Originally Posted by qwikaddotcom View Post

      Right, it's always a state of mind. And of course persistence.
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    if you want to build a successful company, first of all, you need strong management, you need hard worker and you need to follow some important rules.
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      No. Listen to the podcast. Management, strong or otherwise, does not come into play first. There must be something to manage first.

      Really, listen to the podcast: you will learn something from how she did it.

      Originally Posted by Md somrat View Post

      if you want to build a successful company, first of all, you need strong management, you need hard worker and you need to follow some important rules.
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