Email list enquiry, pls help a damsel in distress?

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Hello warriors! Hope everyone is well and enjoying success (aww aren't I sweet lmao.. ahem.. don't mind me, little bit nuts its late and I'm sure I don't have to explain to you guys how you can get late at night ). Ok, so I'm in the process of building an email list, one that I'm sure will prove effective as everyone on the list is very interested in what they are being emailed about.

What I'm thinking about is the auto reply company that people use to contact those on their list, how does that work? You see I'm good at writing so I'm not worried about copy, I'd send them myself only the list is going to be big enough that that obviously wont work, so I'm going to need a company to handle it. I want to personalise emails to who I'm sending them to to a certain degree, I don't want something generic and I want to be sure that they aren't going to alienate clients and I need to have follow ups and so on.

Any advice any warriors can give me on this subject at all will be much appreciated. I know aweber does this, and I'm going to research their method and cost but I'm wondering what else is out there and if I could plunder, just for a moment, your valuable experience to give me just the smallest of jump starts. Appreciation in advance, love this forum and the wise and wonderful people in it!
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    Depending on your budget...

    Right now I'm privvy to aweber and Rapidresponsebot (which I found on WF). Both are very, very good and dependable.

    Aweber has more sophisticated bells and whistles and versatility--which probably means more if you're thinking of building more than one list. For instance, it can "sense" whether a link in your email is working or not--and let you know before you send out the message.

    Rapidresponsebot is more basic--but in terms of deliverability--I find it works just as fast and consistently as Aweber does.

    Rapidresponse is about $5 a month in contrast to Aweber's $20.

    hope this helps

    ~Suzanne Ryan

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  • Thanks guys! Much appreciated
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