At which sites can I outsource my article writing?

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hiya Warriors,

At which sites can I outsource my article writing? And what are the best sites for that?


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    I'm currently using

    I've had some fantastic articles, but then again a few that I had to either rewrite myself and or ask for an article to be changed.

    I think I'll be hiring an actual ghost writer in the future, rather than going the automated route.
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    There is no one best site, I have used many many outsourcing resources

    its about people, and they come in all flavors

    so my recommendation is to try several places and when you find someone who does you justice, make sure you treat them real well

    people like this are worth their weight in gold

    My technique is to put up the listing is several places then I look at the bids, some places are just to rich for my taste

    the quote about you get what you pay for does not hold up

    I have paid high amounts of money and got no better service than low bids

    I have a foundness to pick people looking for their first job, generally they will out perform seassoned people and just because its their first job means nothing on their experience you could have someone with over 30 years experience testing out freelancing

    I also find if you treat these first timers real well they will return the favor many times over

    Caution: I can't stress this enough treat the people very nice, what they do for you will return your ROI many times over

    so don't take advantage of them!!

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