There's a new generation to market to: Gen Z

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Gen Zs are those born between 1997 and 2012. As concrete example, TikTok has a massive Gen Z user base. Here are key insights.

They have a short attention span

And this is apparent with only 51% of US teens using a Facebook account. Visually-oriented apps like Snapchat and Instagram are in - with 72% of Gen Z users in the US reported to owning an Instagram account. They have such short attention spans that they'd rather read texts which are contained in a graphic, rather than longform messaging.

They prefer experience over hard products

Gone are the days of having lengthy marketing copies and tedious campaigns just to sell a product. Gen Zs aren't interested in an obviously written marketing campaign. They know it's a hard sell, so why even bother? They want experience, and they're buying because they want that psychological satisfaction that comes with buying a product.

They are very keen on privacy

A survey from IBM reports that teens are not comfortable sharing personal details online, apart from basic contact information and purchase history. Make sure you comply with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

They want direct customer engagement

There's a reason why we run social media pages - to show off our campaigns, and as a customer point of contact. To put it simply: if you respond to complaints, you are an authentic brand. If you don't, well you're a ripoff.

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